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Chris's Ezekiel Chapter 12 comment on 1/30/2021, 8:44pm...

Yes, the 1611 KJV was the original version as authorized by King James. So it's written with the old English spellings of the time (in the days of Geoffrey Chaucer & the Canterbury Tales era) & maybe some other slight grammatical changes. The KJV we have now is exactly the same as the 1611 version, but with the more modern spellings. But even this has now become little difficult for the 'younger set' to read. Then I would suggest the New King James Version or another related accurate rendering: the New American Standard.

If you want to try reading from the 1611 version, then click on More on the top Tab on this Site & scroll down to it.


Josephine H Holcomb Pike's Ezekiel Chapter 12 comment on 1/30/2021, 1:22pm...

Is the 1611translation earlier than the KJ version we have now?


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