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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 11 comment about verse 23 on 4/30/2023, 7:47pm...


Moses was also bringing his complaint to God, but God was not angry with Moses as He was with the complaining multitude. God was merciful to Moses and explained that the Holy Spirit would be placed upon 70 elders along with Moses. These elders spoke by the Holy Spirit to the people throughout the camp. I imagine that what they said did not conflict with each other because the Holy Spirit would not do that.

Here Moses learned that he did not have to carry the burden of being the spokesman for the LORD by Himself-God was bigger than that! he also learned that the Holy Spirit was so great that He could be placed upon many people and not just one-himself. Then Moses in verse 29 states to Joshua that he desired for all of God's people to have the Holy Spirit upon them and would prophesy for the LORD.

After the seventy were endowed with the Holy Spirit, Moses and these men went into the camp. God brought in an enormous amount of quail on a strong wind. The quail was stacked waist high or more in the area. The people went out and collected the quail and distributed it evenly throughout the camp. The people gorged themselves on the quail and God sent a plague upon the people. Those who lusted for the meat died and they were buried at this place Moses named Kibroth-hattaavah.

Then the nation travelled from this place to Hazeroth, where they abode.

What lessons Moses and the people were learning from their disobedience and distrust of God. They had not learned yet that God is what they truly need above all else. Perhaps this is why He gave them a daily diet of Manna, so that they would realize that food is not what sustains them but YHWH. A varied diet that they had to cultivate and work for would get their eyes off of YHWH and trust in themselves and their own skill at producing food. They even could not eat of the flocks since these were for the sacrifices and for them to bring into the promised land. They were to resist temptation, but had difficulty with that


GiGi's Numbers Chapter 11 comment about verse 23 on 4/30/2023, 7:22pm...

In this chapter is an account of the people complaining for food other than the manna. It is similar to Exodus chapter 16, so I do not know if it is the same incident or another. If it is another incident then the Israelites did not learn their lesson the first time they asked for meat, did they!

The complaining of the people always cause God to be angry with them. He was their portion and was able to fill them with what He knew they needed. The people complained to God and His holy fire went and burned those in the outskirts of the camp. They cried out to Moses to get YHWH to stop the fire. Moses interceded and God stopped the burning fire.

Among the Israelites were people who were mixed-some were of Israeli/Gentile parentage; others were gentiles. These mixed peoples began to lust for meat and for the type of diet they enjoyed in Egypt. The Israelites joined them in this lusting. They complained in their tents where only God would know. They complained with weeping about the manna being the only food before their eyes. Moses went about the tents and heard them weeping and complaining.

Moses was fed up. He was overwhelmed. He was discouraged. He was so low that he asked God to kill him so he would be free of the burdens of his life. Is there a hint of Moses believing in an afterlife free of wretchedness in vs. 15? The verse says that Moses considered it to be favored of God to be killed to be freed.

Regardless, Moses was unable to bear the burdens of the needs of the people any longer. He was at the breaking point, equating the burden of the welfare of the multitude to that of mother of multiples whom she was trying to nurse each and everyone to satisfaction. Nursing and infant is not very much of a burden. It is necessary for the child to consume what the mother alone could supply by God's design, but when a pregnancy results in triplets, quads, quints and more, one mother just cannot successfully meet the nourishment needs of all of them. .. cont. to pt. 2


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