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S Spencer's Genesis Chapter 18 comment on 2/20/2022, 5:32am...

Thank you Richard for those recaps.

God bless you.


Richard H Priday's Genesis Chapter 18 comment on 2/18/2022, 7:39pm...

A lot is going down in this chapter. The previous chapter saw Abraham laughing about having a child; now Sarah was caught doing the same thing (v. 15). Then; the focus went toward Sodom where the two men (angels) went on to see what was up in the city (verse 22). The "Christophone" (Preincarnate Christ) remained; and there was a sort of bizarre inquisition at this point by Abraham as to whether God would judge Sodom if a minimum of 50 righteous souls were there; and he continued to press the Lord until he reached 10 and was able to get God's assurance that the city wouldn't be judged even if THAT many were there. The only reason it would seem that he would do this verbal contest was because Lot was there with his family. Lot's delivery wasn't clear to him at this point; but would soon occur.

In some ways; it is ironic that in a whole city of men almost all of them were disposed to unnatural relations with men; and the two son in laws of Lot's daughters thought the warnings were a joke that the angels gave them. This caused the daughters to sleep with their father thinking there was no one around to provide children after being surrounded by men previously. They went from great wealth to escaping by the skin of their teeth; whereas Abraham spent time in a desert yet God's promise never failed. Lot's wife as I mentioned in another commentary turned into a "pillar of salt" loving the wealth of this world more than God. She ignored the warning not to look back; and we must heed that call today as well.


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