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Chris's Psalms Chapter 96 comment about verse 2 on 1/10/2021, 2:24pm...

Norman, I just want to add another point to Adam's very good perception of "people wanting to believe what they want to believe". As we read of Jesus' Life & Ministry, we see that the Jewish religious leaders were never far away. Their sole objective was to discredit Jesus & to also keep the people from following this 'false teacher with strange doctrines & claims'. Not only did they have to protect their understanding of the Law, & of course their added rules & regulations thereby overburdening the people & compelling them to adhere to what they said, but they had to protect their own position & credibility. The matter of God's Word, of Truth or of the witness of Jesus' Life & Work before their eyes had little or no bearing as the other (more important) matters of 'their rules, their hold on people & their position in the eyes of the people' outweighed anything else.

So when we read of Jesus' full blown accusatory remarks against these "blind leaders of the blind" (Matthew 15:14), He did well to describe them as "whited sepulchres", as "vipers", "hypocrites", "blind guides/fools", etc. This was not said by Jesus as snide remarks as to those who opposed Him, but as if speaking to workers from Satan, "children of the Devil" (John 8:44), who did nothing for the Kingdom of God, but only served Satan, dragging many innocent people with them to hell. If in any group of people, whether in Islam, RC, the cults, etc., where the adherents are bound to their leaders or else face wrath & retribution, ought to be a clear demonstration of the fallacy of such a system & its great departure from the Truth.

So many began to follow Jesus by what they heard & saw of Him (John 10:40-42), thereby opposing the Pharisaical teachings & no doubt facing their wrath, but also they followed the dictates of their consciences, of what they witnessed & the opening of their eyes by God's Spirit. Christ came to set men free in many more ways than we fully realize.


Adam's Psalms Chapter 96 comment about verse 2 on 1/10/2021, 11:16am...

Hi Norman,

I think if Jesus came today and performed a bunch of miracles people still wouldn't believe. Perhaps even a fewer % today would believe than the % that believed in Jesus's time. We have a society that wants to believe what it wants to believe, not based on what is evident or true. Some believe their arbitrary feelings determine 'my truth,' or that truth is relative.

Many non-believers have spiritual and supernatural experiences today and that doesn't automatically mean they believe in God. Some even have stories of dying and talking to their dead relatives and coming back to life- some choose to believe after that, but some don't.

So, I think most do not have an intellectual block to believing, but an emotional block.

Romans 1:20 says that God's design is so evident that everyone is without excuse to believe. There's nothing that makes our heart beat right now. Only God is keeping us alive. That's God's amazing design, but yeah, others would have you believe that it's likely that a random explosion from nothing which has never been witnessed and can never be recreated created this amazing design with countless advanced features that the smartest minds on earth can't comprehend. It takes more faith to believe in accidental design than in God's intentional design, yet people don't want to believe in God because they are afraid of giving up their lifestyle of sin, so they do mental gymnastics to arrive at their desired belief. This is what I mean by an emotional block.


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