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Human4u2's Revelation Chapter 12 comment on 4/27/2023, 8:29am...

Good day and peace Lisanne. When Moses was in Egypt and the first born were killed, God gave instruction to mark the door posts and the top, a sign of the cross? They were spared from trial by following God's instruction. The point I am trying to make is God protected the Israelites (chosen ones) from his wrath. Yes, I believe we will be changed and raised to meet Him in the air; no one knows the hour. Christian's will go through some form of tribulation, and by following God's instruction, we will also be spared from His wrath. God is with us.


Lisanne's Revelation Chapter 12 comment on 4/18/2023, 8:03pm...

PS I cannot recall where but we were given a time of return 1000 years on earth is like 1 day to God and you probably know where it says something about dawn on day 3?

1000 years here = day 1

2000 years here = day 2

30 AD ? Don't quote me it's from my memory

2030 is the end of day #2

Sorry I cannot remember where this is in the Bible but Jerren Lewis had a video on this on

AoC network which is good for younger teens

(some visuals for their understanding )

The variety of each enhance each other.

What's sad is most Christian churches don't teach this, especially Revelation. My go to is Pastor Gary Hamrick if anything is questionable for the final word. (For me)

Thanks for your comments and there's never any offense taken, the main point is we all believe Jesus Christ is our Prince of Peace and He suffered on that cross for our sins


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