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ELB's Revelation Chapter 12 comment on 4/20/2022, 2:31pm...

David, In the Old testament we see numerous occasions of the appearance, as a man, of THE ANGEL OF THE LORD.

Christ is the ANGEL OF THE LORD. Above all angels, he is the archangel Michael.

This is a mystery because he can be inside you as the Holy Ghost, or walk in the flesh as a man. His ministry on earth was in sinful flesh, exactly like we have now; but he was resurrected with the same glorified body that he existed in, with the father, from NO BEGINNING.

Angels are God's messengers.

Malachi 2:7 ...for he is the messenger of the Lord ....

Malachi 3:1 ....even the messenger of THE COVENANT ...

John 17:21 ...that the WORLD MAY BELIEVE that thou hast SEND ME.

Ephesians 4:4 There is ONE BODY ....

You are the body of Christ.

Moses was the body of Christ.

A mind of FLESH (Satan, lies, deceptions, falsehoods) rules our body (of Christ).

When Christ rebukes Satan (lies, deception, falsehoods) he is bring HIS BODY (us) into subjection to TRUTH.

Mosses, with his mind of flesh, didn't think he was up to the task to be a god (Exodus 7:1) over pharaoh, Christ rebuked Mosses (Satan, lies, deception,,]falsehoods) and caused him to have knowledge of the TRUTH, Mosses was only the BODY that contained the Spirit of Christ, who would be the god over pharaoh.

Matthew 16:23 ...and he turned, and said unto Peter, get thee behind me, Satan ...

A mind that is OF THE FLESH is in direct opposition to the MIND OF CHRIST, therefore a MIND OF FLESH is ANTI-CHRIST, or a mind of Satan, lies, deceptions and falsehoods.

At the time Mosses and Peter were rebuked, there was a war for their BODY, Christ through the WORK of HIS SPIRIT, cast out the one (Satan, lies, deception, falsehoods) contending for their body, which is CHRIST BODY.

Christ rebukes Satan, our mind of Flesh, controlled by lies, deception, and falsehoods, and we become a new creation, with the mind of Christ, learning that we are the BODY that contains the Spirit of God, who WILL BE the god over this world.


Jesse's Revelation Chapter 12 comment on 4/20/2022, 12:55pm...


Here is what I can share on Jude 1:9:

Yet Michael the archangel, when he was contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, he did not bring against him a railing accusation, but basically said, The Lord rebuke you.

So Michael the archangel, according to a writing called the Assumption of Moses, an apocryphal book, which means the authority of these books cannot be proven one way or another.

But in the early first century A.D., it was used as an historical document, as the Jews believed some of the things mentioned in the document were historically true.

And what Jude is doing is he is quoting from the Assumption of Moses that tells us that Michael the archangel was in charge of the burial of the body of Moses, because Satan wanted to take the dead body of Moses and mock it and mistreat it.

So Michael the archangel was sent out. But he didn't fight with Satan. He says the Lord rebuke you. He didn't rebuke Satan because he had a respect for glory and authority. He knew he did not have the authority. He knew the Lord did. That's a good lesson for us as well.

So they spoke evil of glories, or angels. But even Michael the archangel didn't do that with Satan. He said the Lord will take care of you!


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