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Dada Joshua O's Isaiah Chapter 4 comment on 8/25/2020, 12:54am...

Isiah 4:1 has double implication, physically and spiritually. Israel was just coming from war where many of the men were killed. today, by population, in the world today, we have excess women which may imply many women clinging to a man. this verse happened in real life in Israel.

Spiritually, seven is a mark of perfection, women represents church. the church is suppose to be perfect though. The church today says let us bear your name, we will have our own doctrine, our own style of worship!!!. We heal in your name, we preach in your name..... depart from me ye workers of iniquities, I know you not.!!!


Joshua's Isaiah Chapter 4 comment on 3/19/2019, 12:47pm...

Today's woman of the world identifies with complete autonomy and independence from the authority of any man. Yet in spite of all this "equality" , for many women , the absence of any biological miracle of giving birth is still a reproach not necessarily in the eyes of a sinful society but to many not all women themselves who would love to bear children hence they still need a man .


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