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Luke's Isaiah Chapter 4 comment on 8/10/2022, 4:44am...

Because most Churches are infiltrated "by" the erroneous, and either misinterpret, or don't understand it, and are most likely of the belief that women should be silent in church; when in fact the seven women in the verse "In that day" are God's Elect; In that day i.e day of Judgement, the Tribulation. IMO


Learning to Lean on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus's Isaiah Chapter 4 comment on 8/09/2022, 7:16pm...

When I was saved out of occultism practice, I had a lot of spiritual warfare. I took hold of Jesus and held on tight. I had people pray with me.

If you don't start feeding on Gods Word, the Bible, you are shakable. I learned to put myself completely into the care and protection of the Holy Spirit. He is My Teacher. You must trust Him. Learn to hear Him when he speaks to your born again spirit. To not grieve Him, or quench Him with frequent slips of character (sin). When you turn to Him for all your needs; He will turn to you. He undertakes and undergirds weaknesseslike doubts. He reveals Jesus to us.

Scripture does too, but we have to not speed read and learn to soak up knowledge like a sponge.

Satan doesn't want us to find out how to prevent his attacks on us or our families; our church family too.

We are the Body of Jesus Christ now. He is our head. This involves listening intently. Read the Gospels through the book of Revelation. Eat scripture from Proverbs and Psalms.

This is us building up our BODY ARMOR; increasing Sword of the Spirit. Ephesians 6. Satan can wipe the floor with us, until we get sick of being attacked.

How specifically did Jesus fight back? Counter the rants of Pharisees and sadducees??

We have to find out how to take care of us; and those whose faith is weak. Always walk the NARROW ROAD, not the Wide Road to destruction.

Prophesies are suddenly revealing Gods Timing. Natural Catastrophes abound! Signs of Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are in daily Google news or websites like ERIC STAKELBECK (for Israel news). Find a good book on Prophesy

Realize we are all called to notice the HARVEST is white. Ready to be picked. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest. Maybe volunteer? Drop Bible Tracts outside of coffee or Home Depot stores.

Get ready. The End of Days coming up real fast!

[satan: Isaiah 14; Job 1: Satan slew his family.

Jesus took back power and authority on the Cross of Calvary__FOR HIS BELIEVERS!!


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