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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 29 comment on 10/21/2022, 6:35pm...

This Psalm (29) reminds us of the great shakings that went on with the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19. It is also to Psalm 18 and 114. Verse 3 and verse 10 show God over the waters (as in Creation) and over the flood in Noah's time; directing the earth's cataclysm. The reference to the Cedars of Lebanon are also mentioned in Isaiah 14:8 among other references. They can symbolically refer to the armies or powers over the area; much as is seen in Ezekiel 26 which describes the souls of the pagan nations in Sheol from many nations.

Verse 9 describes the calves; and how God works in the reproduction process. This surely can be seen in the many passages of Job that describe the wonders of nature as to Leviathan; for example.


GiGi's Psalms Chapter 29 comment on 6/13/2022, 9:30am...

Hello Donna, what a lovely way to begin your day!

I love hearing the birds early in the morning. However, I do not like the incessant cawing of the gaggle of crows that roam our neighborhood. they can make quite a clamor. But I guess they are "conferencing" with each other.

I love that the days are warming up. I've been planting flowers these past few days and love to watch them grow and blossom. My friend and I swap flowers as we have been working together on her veggie garden. Will love the fresh produce when it is ready. It has been a real blessing sharing this time with her.

I hope you have a great day. I continue to pray for Daniel.


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