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Carolyn Visconti's Psalms Chapter 19 comment about verse 14 on 9/03/2020, 4:00am...

Psalms 19:14

I woke up today with this psalms on my heart

We need to be objective to our own selves what we say and do that it's pleasing to the Lord .. but then their are hidden sins which we may not be aware of . That's why we pray ; Lord forgive us our sins the ones we know & the ones we don't know

God bless everyone


BSP's Psalms Chapter 19 comment on 8/31/2020, 8:37am...

Verse 8-We must learn and love God's view of right and wrong. This will help us to be convinced as the psalmist was that living in harmony with God's standards is the best way of life.


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