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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 19 comment on 10/12/2022, 12:09pm...

Psalm 19 along with Romans 1 demonstrate that all of the universe testifies to the whole world of the presence of God as well as to His order to the design of the universe. We can; therefore make a transition from the One who created the laws of nature to the written law and statutes ordained by God. (The word statute apparently means a specific enactment of a law).

Some degree of apologetics here is in order to explain the most common objection to the statement of the sun and its apparent movements here on earth. (see also Job 9:7). Often this is dismissed as a superstitious viewpoint of the earth being the center of the universe with the sun revolving around it. When taking into account the movement of our galaxy; for example we see how the sun moves through it's own "circuit" as it were through our local system of stars and how in fact our galaxy moves in its cluster of surrounding galaxies through the universe. So; therefore there is a certain pattern that it has in regard to the bigger picture as the earth has. We also need to remember the verse in Joshua when the sun stopped for a day and the moon (Joshua 10:13) as well a when the sundial returned back to where it was (2 Kings 20:1-11). There are historical accounts as well of supernatural events such as the sun and moon turning dark during the crucifixion in different parts of the world.

Notwithstanding; of course it is clearly not a "bridegroom" as verse 5 indicates; so we need to take symbolic language if literal cannot b taken as should be the rule in all scripture!

Note how law; fear; statutes and judgment are all things which we should think upon. This is the sentiment of verses 9 to 11. We are not given an indication what are "presumtous" sins (v. 13) or "secret faults." (v. 12). We do realize that in meditating on the Lord we are focused on Him and this readiness keeps us from slipping (see meditating day and night verse Joshua 1:8).


Adam's Psalms Chapter 19 comment on 8/01/2022, 1:12am...

Thoughts may enter into our head through a temptation, including an opportunity to sin that we didn't even expect or something we didn't plan for, but we still have a choice. It's a choice to dismiss those, to pray it away, to replace it with wholesome thoughts, and a choice to walk away from temptation. 1 Corinthians 10:13

I have wondered the same thing about dreams, for example, because they too are thoughts and we appear to have no choice or control of it. I don't believe we can sin in dreams, but can through thoughts while awake. I also believe someone taking drugs or alcohol and is in a weird state of consciousness is 100% responsible for their sin even if they don't remember it. That is one of the dangers of taking things that lower our inhibitions. The verse James 1:15 explains it well how a temptation in a sense develops into or gives birth to sin.


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