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Rick Colombe's 2 Samuel Chapter 21 comment on 12/22/2020, 6:45am...

Thanks for your input Chris. After to reading your post, it has given me reason for more thorough research. Thanks again.


Chris's 2 Samuel Chapter 21 comment on 12/21/2020, 6:19pm...

What you read in 1 Samuel 31:4,5, does show that Saul & his armour bearer fell on their swords & were buried by the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead under a tree at Jabesh (vv 11-13).

Then in 2 Samuel 21:12, King David comes onto the scene. He willing to avenge the death of the Gibeonites, took Saul's children, except Mephibosheth, & gave them to the King of Gibeon to slaughter them to avenge the death of his people. This they did & then David, hearing of this later, came to where the remains of Saul & the others were & took them & buried them amongst the tribe of Benjamin (vv 12-14).

However, the apparent discrepancy about Saul falling on his sword or whether the Philistines killed him instead, can be cleared up by understanding that, Saul's wounding was as 'sore wounding', i.e. it was a fatal wound but that death would be some time in coming. Thus Saul hurried it up by committing suicide. But the Scripture tells us that the Philistines actually struck the death blow - Saul just finishing off the job, so to speak.


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