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Manuel marques teixeira's 1 Timothy Chapter 2 comment on 1/13/2022, 5:05am...

On verse 5, is revealed Gods secret! It's written on the bible:Your way Oh God, is on the Sanctuary. Jesus is Bible's Center. The true Sanctuary is in Heaven. Mouses received God's direct instructions, to built a Sanctuary's rplica on earth, according with the Heavenly one.

The Lamb of God, Jesus, who was slayn before world's foundation, acording to The Holy Scriptures, is Sanctuary's Revelation. Jesus is God's secret, hiden since before Creation. Salvation's Plan, is God's answer to satan's rebellion, lies and false doubts about God's Justice and love's Character.

knowing Jesu, is all mankind needs, in order to be saved.

Knowing God is a redeemed's previledge, for eternity! There is only One God, and is Good, Who is God, said Jesus. God's being eternal, is perfect, and everything He does, is forever, and nothing can be added or taken from God's Moral Law, being God's Character expression.


Nicole King-Cason's 1 Timothy Chapter 2 comment on 1/07/2022, 5:32am...

It is not wrong


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