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Sherry Willette's Proverbs Chapter 12 comment about verse 24 on 6/14/2020, 12:57pm...

Yes i learned this when i was in Bible college to always read Proverbs daily, other books of bible i wish ,devotions,studies.

I find after all years of consistent daily reading it is new each time. Amen


Rev J Rodney Quesenberry's Proverbs Chapter 12 comment on 6/13/2020, 3:35am...

Verse 2 says that a good man obtaineth favor of the Lord. Our God and our Father gives favor to those who are good. Obtaineth in the KJV means to get it presently. Any word in the Bible that adds "eth" on a word means in the present, right now. A good person right now, gets His favor right now. Does He favor some over others? Can He show favor to some and not others without being a respector of persons, which He is not? Absolutely. He is God. He elevates His in life. Who are those that are good and understanding our goodness or righteousness is filthy rags? It's the one who has been born again by His Spirit through what Jesus His Son our Savior and Sanctifier has done at Calvary and the beating before the cross. We obtain favor constantly and daily through Jesus that we acknowledge and follow and lives through our life. He elevates that person in all of their life and what relates to them in life. Hallelujah


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