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Sach's Jeremiah Chapter 29 comment on 4/25/2021, 4:22am...

Simon ,thanks so much for that ,you cheered me up and gave me a kick in the right direction ! I needed it ! Thanks again .


Simon's Jeremiah Chapter 29 comment on 4/24/2021, 11:35pm...


Everyone dislikes theirpredicaments, the constant competition. We've been on trial our whole lives.

Whatever the jam, it doesn'tmatter to Jesus, except believing He was the son of God who died on the cross for yoursins, and perhaps Matthew 22:36-40, the 2 highest commandments tolive by.

All along the trail people will nick your gelt, half inch you, surpriseyou with a short sharp shock. Always wear the armour. Show me a saint with an internet connection, and I'll show you a sinner with dereliction.

Jesus searches theheart to identify family members, He won't have any trouble findingyou.


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