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Lau's Revelation Chapter 3 comment on 4/25/2022, 8:39pm...

With humble heart I ask you to read Matt 24 without any preconceived assumptions.

1. Nowhere does he mention any part of what happens in relation to the 7 years

2. One gets taken and the other not..so you're saying neither are saved? And to say that the saved would not be working. That is not biblical to my knowledge..if you need to eat you will probably be trying to grow food. Makes no sense

3. There are many clear verses that tell us that the elect (saved) shall suffer tribulation

4. There are many verses that tell us that we (elect) are not appointed to Gods wrath.

Don't confuse the two kjb is clear about this.

5. V 29 and 30 clearly tell us that after the tribulation the son of man comes in the clouds to gather the elect.


Mishael's Revelation Chapter 3 comment about verse 2 on 4/23/2022, 5:12pm...

There's a new movie on YouTube. Search BLESSON. The movie subject is "Biblical End Times."

It's scripture. No dialog. Since it is dealing with reality in this time period we live in; it's violent. It fully represents true believers, versus false prophets and false believers.

A little over 1 hour. Last 2 minutes: heaven.

It covers the Bema Seat of Christ. Great White Throne Judgment. Satan in hell 1000 years; and then in the Lake of Fire.

I've never seen anything like this. It makes you want to warn people of the coming Judgments. Some people will think God is mean. The Bible has been around 6000 years. We were warned. Prophesy is unfolding.

Only 1 hour+ you may want to share it with friends. If you don't like it, just don't watch it.


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