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Mehak's Revelation Chapter 3 comment on 3/16/2023, 4:16am...

I like it


Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 3 comment on 2/23/2023, 4:54am...

I posted fairly recently a response indicating that angels are messengers according to scripture; and they also represent the pastors of given churches. Hence; the removal of such can indicate that the "candlestick" is removed and can refer to the truth departing and hence there being a "dead" church. That can refer to lifeless; legalistic faith and/or a compromised Gospel being let in the door; which could signify the death or removal of the original Pastor and/or someone new teaching falsehood. It can likely refer to an angel as well; those who would surround anyone (as promises in Psalm 91 would give us all as Spirit filled believers). Thence; the protection or hedge would be removed and this is due to the Holy Spirit's influence departing. It probably would also indicate that doctrines of demons would have them take over in the angelic realm.

God warns in Revelation 3:11 about not losing our reward or crowns. God will use whoever is willing to fulfill the Great Commission and to do His works as long as His Body remains on earth in the church; of course the warning is to individuals in that text but as we see with the Ephesian church when the first love is abandoned true doctrine can still be present but the Lord is no longer living within a congregation.

Later on in Revelation when the church is removed angels themselves (likely high ranking) cover large geographical areas proclaiming the Gospel themselves. They are presently here to guard us and protect us and strengthen us for the task at hand and are of course in the backdrop. Any angels demanding worship or working through an agent to preach falsehood are "anathema" and thus are accursed along with those who follow such damnable heresies.

Let us remain faithful so that the Spirit will not be grieved and that He will dwell within His followers. This requires fear of the Lord and resulting obedience out of love.


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