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Grace's Revelation Chapter 3 comment about verse 9 on 8/09/2020, 3:37pm...

Hello Josephine,

What a good question and discovery from your careful reading! Thanks

There are currently a growing number of cults of young people who falsely claim they are the new "Jews". I don't bother to list & track each one, but to name names one of them calls themselves with the number 19 or 99 in it. Before these, there was a group led by Herbert Amstrong, called the Worldwide Church of God last century. They had a long running TVangelism which probably influenced the current groups when they were kids. They alleged that the USA is the Promised Land and featured in End Times prophecy. Then WCC had internal strive that broke into two or three other groups, one being the Great Church of God. (It amuses me how these cults always have a name that tries to patent their claim on God or Jesus)

Their motives are power, control, and pride, and money, yet they truly believe that they can benefit by claiming all the blessings of Abraham onto themselves. They make half truths and outrageous lies that Yahweh God (they do try to use a bit of what they think are Hebrew words) has long ago cut off the ancient Israelites so that the modern nation of Israel are on their own. The fake Jews also claim they are the true spiritual Israel

It is a gross misreading and distortion of what Saint Paul wrote in Romans 9 & 10. No room for misinterpretation there as Paul explained those chapters well. But the few leaders who create these false claims also see that their claim to uniqueness makes religion exciting to potential suckers who are bored with the mainstream offers


Mishael's Revelation Chapter 3 comment on 8/08/2020, 12:55pm...

It may be the publisher did that. Check a (Thomas Nelson Bible publisher)and let us know. As long as the verse is the same identically, I see no problem.


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