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Gerald's Revelation Chapter 3 comment on 11/29/2022, 9:25am...

The leaving of their first love ,opened the door to a graver error of the Nicolaitins. The separation of ministers and laity . The lording it over the laity .

That in turn led to accepting to doctrines of Jezebel . Which in turn led to the Balamites . Prophesying for money .

The church of which I am a part ,is in fact a prodigal church and has been since the reformation .

Where sound doctrine and biblical authority once again germinated and overcame the traditions of man.

I'm not sure we have travelled far .

For while we justifiably celebrate being " Born again " and give glory to God . That is but getting out of Egypt . Saved then by the Word of God the blood of a lamb and the power of God . A no people becoming A people .

But if you listen carefully we have made ' the promised land ' heaven and Jordon death .

And the wandering in the wilderness for 40 years the Christian norm.

When in fact it only took them just over two years to reach the promised land .

Egypt is but a type of the world and pharaoh the devil . Having been delivered from that " cruel bondage" we have forgotten that not only were we saved from but saved to! And that crossing the wilderness was but ' boot camp' .

Where we learn to live not by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God ".

Did not Paul warn the church not to be like them who " entered not in because of unbelief"?

Unbelief is not just not believing God its believing another message .

Did not Eve do just as much? And did not Paul express his grave concern of the church being as deceived as Eve?

When Jesus " I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"

Does not mean that hell or the devil are giving the church a hard time but will not prevail .

For gates attack no one they are but the weakest points of a city wall and the most heavily defended .

It is the gates of hell that are in trouble for it is the church the Lord is building that is doing the ' troubling'.


Gerald's Revelation Chapter 3 comment on 11/29/2022, 9:06am...

To the church of Laodocia listen to what the Spirit says .

We are living in the Laodocian age . Of a church that thinks it is rich increased in goods and in need of nothing .

Yet in Gods eyes is poor wretched and blind and in need of eye salve .

Alongside this church is the Philadelphian church that in its own eyes is poor but in Gods eyes is rich .

There is but one church which is His body . There is then but one door .

How is it then that after the resurrection No door was a barrier to the Lord . But here he is knocking on the door of his own church and is unwilling ( you cannot say unable) to enter .

Some may think their church is the only church to which all must belong to be saved others they are part of that church which is his body and claim they are saved . The fact remains the Lord is outside knocking . While all those inside think he is inside?

God is everywhere for He is indeed omnipresent . Then who is outside? It is the Spirit of God .

The knocking on the door must be a call to repentance to the whole church . To all who are inside .

The promise however is only to those " who have ears to hear " not only that but who also " open the door " to THEM is the promise given.

Even as John 3:16 is a call to the whole world to repent but the promise is only given to those who do and believe .( in the biblical sense) .

The prosperity message ,the plethora of false prophets and apostles parading about Christendom shows we are in the last days .

If when Jesus on the way to Golgotha said to some women weeping for him " if they do this to the master when the wood is green,what will they do when the wood is dry?

Hebrews 1:1 states " hath in these last days spoken to us by His Son"

If 2000 years ago it was " the last days " then truly the wood was green . How much the more is the wood now dry and ready for the fire?


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