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S Spencer's Revelation Chapter 3 comment about verse 9 on 4/05/2021, 8:00am...


Your post seems to be intentionally offensive, And is far from the truth.

That reply has no place here.

:This is a site where Iron sharpens Iron. Not a site where we cause strife and try to tare down the body of Christ.

Please consider.


Billy Bopp's Revelation Chapter 3 comment about verse 9 on 4/04/2021, 10:33pm...

The are the Ashkenazi. Europeans who converted. They are NOT semitic. Khasarian they are. converted in the 800s


From the Caucasus region. White people not jews.

All very rich.

All hating Christians. (Many hating Christians)

They hate Jesus.

Pro full term abortion.

Read Martin Luther. 500 years ago.

"Jews and their lies"


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