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Genevieve oluwaseun's Galatians Chapter 5 comment on 5/30/2021, 8:51am...

amen praise to the lord


Philip christian parks's Galatians Chapter 5 comment on 5/17/2021, 2:14pm...

See also Mt. 13:33. Regarding Luke 13:20-21, the correct interpretation is this:

+ The Kingdom of Heaven = the combined saved on earth; particularly the church.

+ Leaven = "another gospel"; any cursed false doctrine which is added to the True Gospel to make it more receptive. (e.g. the cursed doctrine which "so soon removed [the Galatian Church] from HIM (CHRIST) unto another [false] gospel" (Gal. 1:6-7; cp. Hos.7:4).

+ A woman = the proponent and introducer of false doctrine. The New Testament never describes the True Church generally as a "woman". Rather, the True Church is described specifically and honorably as a "chaste virgin" (2Cor. 11:2) and a "the Bride, The LAMB's (CHRIST's) wife" (Rev. 21:9; cp. 19:7).

+ Three measures of meal = the true saints; the true Kingdom of GOD; False professors and hypocrites will always reside within both.

+ Till the whole {meal} was leavened = religious "leaven" will always doctrinally corrupt any local church that receives it, as well as GOD's Kingdom as much as HE permits (generally speaking).

This parable, as all parables within Matthew Thirteen, describe the progressive devolution of the Church in general, and of GOD's Kingdom until CHRIST's 2nd Coming and Judgment.


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