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Adam's Psalms Chapter 12 comment on 1/19/2023, 4:13pm...

Correction on last part: I meant to say I think God can even speak the truth "through" false or misled teachers. I have known people introduced to Jesus through some very imperfect people even through questionable sermons. Some may learn about Him through media or movies for example. God seems to use anyone He can, however flawed, to reach those who want to know Him. Those in the Bible are good examples of that, like Paul, David, Moses, Abraham and others. I don't think our imperfection hinders God's perfect truth from being available to those who are ready to receive it.


GiGi's Psalms Chapter 12 comment on 1/19/2023, 4:03pm...

Maureen, I agree with Adam, I posted to you earlier today, but there was a problem with posting on the site. It is fixed now.

I have never found a verse in Scripture that explicitly states that the KJV is the perfect translation of Scripture, since the KJV did not exist when scripture was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The original writings of the Old and New Testament in Hebrew (O.T.) and Greek (N.T.) were the only absolutely inspired words of God written through the agency of the biblical writer.

Some will extrapolate a defense of the position that the KJV is the only perfect translation from a verse or two. But this approach does not prove the point. I believe that God has preserved the integrity and veracity of His Word in Scripture from the time it was first written or spoken by the apostles, as they preached to people, during the apostolic times as well as the Old Testament times.

I believe that God has preserved the integrity and veracity of His Words in Scripture over the centuries from the apostolic times up to present day. There have been many translations of Scripture over the centuries, I believe that God preserved the truth of Scripture in these translations beginning with the Septuagint (O.T. translated in Greek from Hebrew) in the 3rd century B.C., through the work of copyists in the post-apostolic times when they copied by hand the original copies of the Septuagint and the N. T. writings of the apostles.

I believe that the translation of Jerome (Vulgate) was a truthful translation and that the translations that came before the KJV (which the KJV also used in their translation) were truthful translations. And I believe the translations that have been done since the KJV, with a few exceptions, particularly paraphrases, are equally accurate as the KJV. All translation will have some minor errors due to translating from one language to another, but God, who sustains the church through the ages, will preserve the His Word now also.


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