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Chris's Psalms Chapter 12 comment on 12/11/2020, 3:44pm...

Just to add to the other good comments."What is a Christian".

Firstly, a Christian isn't born a Christian - He/she is made one (by God). In all the religions of the world, one is either born into that religion or converts from one religion to another because of choice. A child maybe born into a Christian family & that indeed is a blessing to know about God, but that child doesn't become a Christian automatically.

Secondly, a Christian isn't one who wants to be one because he might think it to be a 'nice religion' to connect with. A Christian, is like anyone else in the world: a sinner who has broken God's Laws, done wrong in the family & society, & stands condemned by God for it. But the difference is: he is now troubled by this broken relationship with His Creator & wants to rectify the matter.

Thirdly, he has probably tried to clean his life up, to deal with his sins & then present himself righteous before God. But in his heart he knows that that's not working because every time he does something good then some other sin shows up showing him that his efforts aren't working.

Fourthly, if he is then convicted & burdened about his sinful existence before God & cannot rectify the situation by himself or from anyone else, he then has to cry out to God to help him. And that's why God sent His Son Jesus to this world: Jesus took on the blame & punishment we deserved by laying down His sinless Life in our place. So when we believe in God's Act of Love for us in the gift of His Son, then our sins are forgiven because of what Jesus has done & not what we could ever do. So all of sudden, the sinner is saved from God's judgement against him & immediately brought into a special relationship & into God's family. And the Bible says that we are now 'born again of God' or, given a new (spiritual) birth from Him.

So here's the difference: Christianity is not a religion, like other religions. It's a relationship with Almighty God & His Son - & it's God's Work alone, not ours.


Tom Wagner's Psalms Chapter 12 comment on 12/11/2020, 2:27am...

A Christian is someone who has accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. You START to become one by following Romans 10:9-10. It is just like finding a new friend. As your attachment grows you will find yourself spending more and more time with him. As you do that the relationship grows...


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