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Chris's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 1/19/2022, 6:59pm...

I appreciated your very thoughtful & insightful comments of our Lord's early years, GiGi. I've often considered that part of His Life that has sadly been withheld from us, for good reason no doubt.

It's almost impossible to imagine a young boy growing up with others of his age around him & not be influenced & tempted to imitate their fleshly ways or satisfy Himself with carnal offerings. His obedience to his parents & wisdom of words & counsel, would no doubt have intrigued many folk & ministered to both young & old.


GiGi's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 1/19/2022, 5:58pm...

Yes, this verse tells us that Jesus grew up just like all of us, but was never sinful. He please the Father by always doing His will even as a child and teenager! He pleased men because He never wronged anyone by word or deed. I am pretty sure that He was eager to help and serve others through His growing up years and, in a culture that valued godly living, godly people could only speak well of Him. Wicked, rebellious people probably were uncomfortable around Him as His goodness and righteousness would be convicting for them. But perhaps His example turned some of these sinners back to God. We don't know much about His life between birth and age 30, so what we think or say is only reasoned speculation. But it is good to imagine how pure and holy Jesus was even as a child, youth, and young adult. I think it is easy for us to think that he was like other children with the foibles of bring young and not of the age of reason, but He was never disobedient His parents, or sassy, or crude, or mean to other children. He may have had a good sense of humor, but would not have used it to ridicule or embarrass others. He wasn't lazy, indolent, prideful, lustful, deceptive, or any other typical sinful propensity. Imagine growing up knowing someone like Him! Either you were drawn to Him or shrunk back away from Him depending on the condition of your heart before God.


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