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John Alfred Kay jr's Luke Chapter 2 comment about verse 7 on 1/17/2021, 12:50pm...

I have read the Bible, in many translations and in my poor understanding and translation of Greek. Over the years I have heard and read about St Luke's stating that His mother "laid Him in a manger ..." ( a feeding trough). Many people have spoken , written, about this event and why St. Luke put the story of Jesus' birth in his narrative. My guess is that all explanations are valid.

My thought is that the act of placing Jesus in a "MANGER" is that St. Luke is prefiguring ( if that is the proper word to use) the Last Supper and what we do as Christians to be fed and to be as one with our Lord and Saviour " Jesus Christ ".

From the moment oh Jesus' birth God is calling us to be one with Him and in so doing so we will be empowered to do what we are called to do, as individuals as part of the body of Christ.


Steven Spencer's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 12/25/2020, 5:10pm...

Thanks Chris, That's clear in scripture, Looking for that blessed hope!!! and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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