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Arthur Cassar's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 3/12/2021, 7:45am...

I love this audio bible but I would greatly appreciate it if you would also make available an NIV version to choose from.

your broher in Christ,



Steven Chapin's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 3/08/2021, 7:44pm...



While keeping watch one quiet night,

with friends and flock nearby,

an angel of the Lord came near

and brightly lit the sky.


The look upon that holy face

no words can well convey.

We threw ourselves upon the ground

to cower, and to pray.


But, then, the angel told us all

to put aside our fear

and brought to us the greatest news

we all would ever hear


for, in the town of Bethlehem,

before the coming morn,

a Savior, who is Christ the Lord,

will straightaway be born.


To Bethlehem, the angel said,

we all should go this night,

and in a manger, find the child,

in swaddling clothes, just right.


Then all around us, all at once,

more angels just appeared

with such goodwill to all mankind

that we all stood and cheered.


When all the angels went their way,

we all resolved to seek

the child that was foretold to us,

and in a place so meek.


In Bethlehem, we found the place

beneath a shining star,

the parents and their newborn babe,

and wise men from afar.


We're telling you of all we've seen

and heard, so you will know

a Savior has been born to us,

and that God loves us so.


By Steven Chapin

December 1, 2017

(See Luke 2:8-20)


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