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Michael anthony homan's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 2/04/2023, 1:00am...

this is powerful chptr, in 3 basic parts. the Birth of Jesus.8 days later,back to Jerusalem at the temple,from Egypt.then 12 years later...

at the Temple 7-8 days later after his Birth,is a special part of a special story

There an elderly man and woman were present ,Anna and Simeon,along with Baby Jesus ,Mary n Joesepth.Simeon held baby Jesus and proclaimed his purpose,Anna instantly did like wise.a bunch of little stories within these stories

Mary and Joesepth would go to Jerusalem evry yr. for Passover feast,there was another reason Jesus did what he did when he did


David T's Luke Chapter 2 comment on 9/24/2022, 11:11am...

I always have to remind myself of the truth of Scripture when I meditate and ponder the passages I am reading and praying for wisdom from the LORD. I always must remember 2 Timothy 3: 16, 17 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..."

The Scriptures teaches us that JESUS never sinned in HIS heart or in action. Every thing HE did glorified the FATHER'S name. As far as 12 yr old JESUS addressing Mary, and 30 yr old Jesus addressing her as "woman" it was acceptable and not considered as a sin nor disrespectful.

In my culture, presently all the children address their parents as mom/dad or the equivalent. Prior to the 1970's, we called our parents by their first names. This was not considered as disrespectful or ill-mannered, it was part of our culture and social norm. We should never try to press the narrative to fit our own thinking or our life style.

The bottom line is when scripture indicates a truth, then it is the truth for all times.

The LORD shine HIS face upon us all. Keep praying for our nation's leadership and the coming mid term elections. 1 Timothy 2:1-3

Praying also for our first responders and the lost.

September 24, 2022


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