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Adam's Proverbs Chapter 29 comment on 3/24/2021, 11:37pm...

Hi Debbie, the reality is we do what is important to us. If something is truly important and a priority to you, you will do it. There's plenty of time inbetween sleeping, eating, working for reading the Bible. We all have 24 hrs a day- will we spent it in pursuit of God and investing treasures in heaven or will we waste it on trivial things like entertainment that have no lasting value?

Matthew 6:19-21


Debbie's Proverbs Chapter 29 comment on 3/24/2021, 9:16pm...

How does a person become diligent in putting aside some time during the day for bible reading. It seems I can find the time for every thing else but that. I really am seeking for a sidewalk with Christ...it just seems that I cannot get and remain focused to reading the word.

Thank you


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