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BSP's Proverbs Chapter 29 comment on 9/23/2020, 8:33am...

Verse 11-We must learn to control our emotions and not say everything that comes to our mind. We want to explain ourselves in a calm manner.


Chris's Proverbs Chapter 29 comment about verse 23 on 9/17/2020, 4:55pm...

Mikell, the matter of predestination is in the realm of God's Plan & Prerogative for each one of us. When God tells us that we are sinners & that the only way back into a right relationship with Him is through faith in the finished work of Christ at the Cross, then surely that requires a response from us.

Jesus is God's Gift of salvation to every one, every sinner - we need to respond to receive it. You must have believed the Gospel at some point: isn't that belief then classified as a 'work'? Or maybe, you have not believed, & feel that since you have been predestined & regardless of any response to God, you would just drift towards eternity based on being predestined.

I think you may be confusing someone's 'works' towards gaining salvation as opposed to a repentant sinner responding with conviction to a Merciful God & a response of love, accepting & believing in the Son of God. I think responding to God is the correct natural thing to do, just as you would respond to someone giving you a gift. Or would you?


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