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Proverbs Chapter 29


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Zemedikun nigatu's Proverbs Chapter 29 comment on 4/09/2022, 12:13am...

The wage of sin is death, but the wage of righteouness is etrnal life !!!


Timothy's Proverbs Chapter 29 comment on 11/29/2021, 11:38pm...

theres nothing i hate more than error.. sin is error. to err from the way.. being half german and Australian, the good'ol she'll be right mate just dont cut it with the goad for me.. German's require perfection, hence the Word of the Lord..

sure i have erred, and i hated it when i realised what transpired from it. Christ died, was buried, but rose again. there is something to be said for sound winners so i confessed! and chose to have my debt cleared. yes we of faith are all under sanctification, and still err till our deaths, but pls, for the Love of Christ ;) , make ur comments sound.. i am jealous for him and his perfect glory.. ..does me!


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