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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 18 comment on 10/11/2022, 12:30pm...

Psalm 18: An overview

This Psalm relates as usual to David's own situation either in regard to victory over Saul's forces but could just as well relate to any enemies or with his own sin; or both. Once again; we go into the theme of David's justification and righteousness resulting in vindication for himself with ultimate destruction of his enemies.

The final verse gives a promise for not only David but to "his seed for evermore". This would indicate the spiritual descendants ultimately; which was procured because of Christ (the anointed One) dying in our place.

We see David lifted in a similar manner to Jonah in verses 3 through 7. (see Jonah 2:6). The dramatic presence of God is also similar to the way with Elijah before the "still small voice" in 1 Kings chapter 19.

Verses 8 through 10 also have similar cross references (see Rev. 19 and Rev. 11:5 in regard to 2 Prophets; 1 Kings 8:12 and Ezekiel 38:22 for verses 12 through 13 and/or 14.

Verses 16 through 32 show how God can preserve the righteous from wrath (2 Peter 2:9) or through it. Even death brings ultimate victory for God's people. In this case; however it becomes apparent that David is saved alive; and then is able to take on his enemies in battle.

We see throughout the remainder of the Psalm David's victory over enemies. Basically this is total destruction. Verse 41 can also find cross reference in Micah 3:4 and apparently is in a dozen other verses. There are many more passages including in Psalms where people do cry out and God answers. This shows the state of their hearts; and if they are one of God's children is paramount as to receiving an answer to that petition. We can see a similar story in Psalm 40 with verbage also being similar in regard to the miry clay and being lifted up. We are led here to ponder that a complete view of God as one who we are utterly dependent on yet we can confidently assert that will totally destroy the wicked shows both grace and wrath.


T. Levis's Psalms Chapter 18 comment on 4/22/2022, 6:06pm...

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Romans 8:26,

Hopefully these are helpful


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