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Peter's Acts Chapter 22 comment on 5/01/2020, 10:39pm...

I was notified that someone replied to my comment to you but I could not find any comment but I did notice this reply on testing for DNA. That's rather short sighted, ain't it. David No need of a test; save your hundred dollars; but don't embarrass yourself if u are an adult or teenager by asking your mother father or grand parents; but on the second thought; why not' they will probably not take you serious as seniors are probably wiser and of course they can tell you a lot; You can learn from them but they may laugh if you ask them that thing; and of course you know if they had your mom or dad when they were babies; they never really found them under rocks and or the stork never really delivered them or me, the doctor did; and so you know the rest, if you are over 5 as they even learn it in kindergarden, David, no need of testing unless u can test Adam and eve or their descents as they say that there were only 10000 left 6000 years ago and we all descended from them. I don't know what happened to the rest; probably wars or disaster or something, maybe pollution and ecological disaster and or a collapse of the economy seems to be most likely and maybe space men drawings in caves shows that; and that we were here maybe many times before.


Peter's Acts Chapter 22 comment on 4/26/2020, 12:45pm...

I would like to correct something in "I don't accept that there are evolutionary processes going on.....but we classify that into different species. For example, we had no sewer rats before we had sewers; however; the rats found a new home there; and adapted (or evolved to become sewer rats); and so I guess you are right within species.

I got a bit mixed up; they did not evolve to become sewer rats. We just classified them to be sewer rats. All animals will adapt to live and survive and they take on new characteristics; and we do the same thing; but we are the same all over the world, people classified by their culture etc. We classify animals and then think they evolve. I don't like to talk about evolution and so maybe i could call it evilution, as that is what it seems to be to me. Sorry about my blunder on confusing the classification of species with evilution; and really the other people never evolved, They just live in different areas.


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