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Leon Griffin's John Chapter 7 comment on 1/22/2023, 8:31am...

Stay with Jesus he is the bread of life John 6:66 read the holy chapter.

He is faithful to us thank you Jesus

Times are not going to get better but darker and darker

Find rest and peace in Jesus,I will follow him

Where else can we go if we don't have Jesus


Richard H Priday's John Chapter 7 comment on 8/03/2022, 6:38am...

John 7 and predestination

This chapter is a continuation of a narrative indicting the unbelief Christ had to endure from all members of society. Of all His sufferings before the cross; perhaps this is the most neglected and unappreciated as it took up so much of his time and energy.

First off in verses 1-10 we see the unbelief of His own brethren (probably but possibly not necessarily exclusive to his mother; father; brothers and sisters although Joseph may have died by this point). Jesus' comment about not being His time yet could refer to the fact that He was still keeping things from those who would soon persecute Him once perceived as a threat such as Luke 5:14; or perhaps the full revelation which would occur at the cross.

Verse 15 shows once again their perception of a mere man which Christ responded to in verse 16-17 which once again shows the source of any true wisdom is from God above.

Following this; we once again have Christ validating doing Sabbath day healings to counter a repeated contentious issue. This helps to illustrate that when any TRUE miracles occur; persecution can't be too far behind.

Following this; another failed attempt to sieze Him occured with the Pharisees contending with those who believed in Christ. Apparently Elijah and a couple other prophets indeed came from Galilee; so the allegations of v. 52 were spurious. Since it wasn't His predetermined time to die yet; everyone scattered in v. 53


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