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GiGi's Ephesians Chapter 6 comment on 11/04/2022, 1:30pm...

Hello, Miss Sheronda,

People who are not yet believers have their reasoning blinded by sin. They see the world and all of the wonders of creation and are prevented from truly being convinced that God is. It takes the work of God providing grace to unbelievers to open their minds up to understand that creation came about by a powerful Being who existed before there was anything else. God administers this grace by using the truth of Scriptures to change an unbeliever's thoughts and desires about His existence, Who He is, and what He is like. This enlightenment often comes with the realization that God is holy and that the unbeliever is very sinful in comparison. This conviction of sin is a good thing, it leads to desiring God's mercy and this leads one to seek this mercy in the Jesus, who is the Mercy of God. The Gospel brings the reality of the grace and mercy of God one can receive in the Person of Jesus.

So, Sheronda, I can see that it is overwhelmingly common for unbeliever's to not know that God is, and if they do, they refuse to accept Him as the Sovereign of their lives. This does not negate His sovereignty. It just shows that they want a god that they devise rather than the True and Living God of all.


Miss Sheronda Cooper's Ephesians Chapter 6 comment on 11/04/2022, 10:01am...

Hello, It still amazes me that people still feel like Gods' existence had to be proven. God superseded the court of law. We only obey the law of the land to maintain his obedience and the prevention of chaos. Present law, like past law, changes based on who is currently in power; which seems to never serve the majority well.


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