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Chris's Jeremiah Chapter 50 comment about verse 34 on 9/03/2021, 2:14am...

Eric, the sins of Babylon were many making them worthy to fall under God's Hand of punishment. You can check out the following:

Jeremiah 50:2 (sin of idolatry. Bel & Merodach were their chief idols. Bel = Baal, of the Canaanites & others).

Jeremiah 50:11 (sin of being destroyers, or plunderers of God's heritage, Israel).

Jeremiah 50:31,32 (sin of arrogance & pride).

Jeremiah 50:38 & 51:7 (sin of rampant idolatry & seducing the nations into such worship).

Jeremiah 51:51 (sin of defiling God's Temple).


Eric Lopez's Jeremiah Chapter 50 comment about verse 34 on 9/02/2021, 4:43pm...

This chapter doesnt specify what Babylon sin is for God to want to destroy them.

Thank you DAISY for clarifying this on the discussion forum. Maybe next chapters will disclose this?


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