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Chris's Genesis Chapter 31 comment on 1/10/2023, 3:37pm...

Hello Murlon. According to the narrative on Laban in Genesis 31, it appears that he did practise idolatry, even as Terah, Abraham & Nachor also did (Joshua 24:2). They lived in Ur of the Chaldees (now modern Iraq). In spite of their idolatrous ways & ignorance of the true God, God did reveal Himself to Abraham & called him to serve Him alone & be the father of many nations.

As also with Laban, who continued to practise idolatry, but was now accepting of this God who he was hearing about from Abraham's servant (likely Eliezer of Damascus), in his earlier encounter with him concerning Isaac (Genesis 24:50,51). Whether Laban ultimately rejected his gods for the true God, we cannot say as the Bible doesn't indicate that; but in spite of him using divination (Genesis 30:27, KJV: "experience" = 'nachash', or signs, divination), he acknowledged that Abraham's God had blessed him. He might have even added an image of God to his other gods, but hopefully in time & by revelation, he would have rejected his false gods.

Syncretism in religion (i.e. merging together of different beliefs & practises), is never an acceptable thing, even as practised today amongst so-called Christians, because God requires a true worship of Him, and Him alone. Abraham, by God's Call & revelation of Himself to him, would have learned to reject any other god or form of worship & to serve the True & Living God. Thus he was greatly blessed.


Murlon utley's Genesis Chapter 31 comment on 1/10/2023, 7:33am...

was Laban worshipping idols than God?


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