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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 6 comment on 11/10/2022, 6:49pm...

Lev. Ch. 6:24-30 continue

...scoured of all blood and rinsed in water.

And finally, no sin offering from which the blood is taken into the tabernacle of meeting and holy place is to be eaten by the priests. It is to be burned wholly upon the altar until consumed. This may mean that there is something about Jesus sacrifice and his blood that is between the Father and the Jesus that we are not privy to. Anything burned upon the altar is offered to God wholly, so the broken body and blood of Jesus is presented to the Father as sin offering for us. It is poured out heavenward, to the Father, before it is appropriated to us to cover our sins.


GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 6 comment on 11/10/2022, 6:43pm...

Leviticus Chapter 6:24-30

This Section speaks about the sin offering.

First it says that the sin offering is to be killed next to the altar where the burnt offering is burning. The burnt offering is a continuous sacrifice, but the sin offering is necessarily so. This reminds me that Jesus offering of Himself is for all time and it is because of His perfection in all things that our sins can be brought before him when we confess our sins and we can be assured that He will cleans us from all unrighteousness.

Second, the priest who offers the sin offering is to eat the meat of it. It is considered holy, so whoever touches it must be holy also. This must speak to the priest having been consecrated and sanctified before God. No one but a priest could offer the sacrifice. Jesus, a the Last Supper, spoke of the bread being His body, broken for the forgiveness of sins. And then He told His apostles to take and eat it. In this act Jesus is calling us to participate in His death and resurrection every time we observe this ordinance and in doing so, we admit to being united to Him and in communion with Him because He gave Himself up for us.

We, as believers have been made holy by the Holy Spirit. We are worthy to partake of Christ, just as the priests were holy and could partake of the sin offering.

Thirdly, the blood of the offerings was to be treated with respect, and if one's garment was sprinkled with this blood, the garment is to washed in the holy place only. This may indicate the baptism spoken of where our hearts are washed by the water of the Spirit and the word. But it seems here that the blood may be representative of sin and it is washed out of the garment. Also, if the blood of the sacrifice was collected in an earthen vessel, it was to be broken apart and not used again. If it was put in a brazen (metal) vessel, the metal vessel was to be ....

the blood of the sin offering is not to be consumed. If it is sprinkled upon the priests clothing, the clothig


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