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Chris's Matthew Chapter 3 comment on 6/14/2020, 10:11pm...

Bob, I fully agree with you. John was indeed judgemental but too often we apply a negative connotation to that word. He had every authority to proclaim what he did, even as his coming was according to prophecy (Isa 40:3). Even in Islam, he is considered a prophet of God (his Islamic name is Yahiya). So his authority was Scripture-based & his words were truly from God as they had come to pass, as proof of his appointment (Deut 18:22).

I wonder whether the failure of Christians to speak forth to the Church & the world is because of this 'fear of being judgemental' attitude? We may not be perfect (neither was J the B: Mt 3:14) & we have not been appointed by God to prophet-hood status, but don't we have the authority of God's Word, on which we stand? I realize that correct interpretation & application of the Word also comes to bear upon us, but I believe there is too little evidence of believers using their God-given authority & standing to warn/remind/judge errant folk in their folly. And those that might be energized to speak up, are very likely suppressed, so that their voice is not heard & the status quo of blissful ignorance & serenity is preserved. What will be the state of the Church when Christ comes for her? There'll be a few surprises, for sure.


Bob Grove's Matthew Chapter 3 comment on 6/14/2020, 8:10pm...

I'm very impressed with John the Baptist , with what he said to the Pharisee and others that in verse 12 . Is he not being judgemental? Oh yes he is ! But if we examine our selves first we can see clearly and judge right . John was the greatest of all the prophets according to Jesus . And we can see why . In this verse . Even the Jews considered him a prophet at that time . He was one powerful prophet . John reveals how severe Jesus will be in judgement in the future . In verse 12 . What's the point ? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and should motivate anyone to get right with God , because even though God is love and mercy , judgement is severe and sure , if we settle for less than Gods way .


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