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Chris's Matthew Chapter 3 comment on 4/17/2022, 8:33pm...

I don't believe he did, Albert. John probably knew of his Divine mission & the zeal & spirit of Elijah would have spurred him on in his endeavours, but when he saw Jesus coming to him at the Jordan, he expressed great surprise (maybe some consternation) that Jesus wanted to be water baptized by him (Matthew 3:11-15). He knew that Jesus would baptize others with the Holy Spirit, just as John was baptizing in water those indicating contrition & repentance of their sins, but for John to baptize Jesus in water would have seemed unfathomable to him.


T. Levis's Matthew Chapter 3 comment on 4/17/2022, 4:21pm...

Luke 1, Luke 2, note Luke 1:15,16,17, Luke 1:41-45, Luke 1:76,

Hopefully these are helpful.


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