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Jennifer Palmer's Matthew Chapter 3 comment on 1/07/2021, 11:06am...

I need to get back to Jesus, I am lost, and broken.


Jeffrey Barrett Perfected in Christ's Matthew Chapter 3 comment on 1/05/2021, 8:28am...

John the Baptist was not very impressed with Billy and Franklin Graham, nor T. D. Jakes nor the Pope when they came to be baptized confessing their sins. John called the public ministers of his day who held great sway over the church and people in all religious matters and the understandings of serving the Living God. John the Baptists who had the Spirit of God with Him of whom God said John was the greatest of all prophets because God spoke the clearest through him. And John was announcing the new strange thing Jesus and God were doing bringing Jesus exact nature and God's indwelling presence in intimacy to reconcile all mankind to God once again and bringing the hope of glory and eternal life.

God spoke of those He and Jesus were Perfecting in their flesh YOU are greater a prophet than John the Baptist who had not the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of God's indwelling presence with love, Knowledge, wisdom and Power after the evidence of Speaking in the Heavenly language of prophetic tongues which is God speaking in prayer to and through you for understanding and guidance.

John says Oh Generation of Vipers about these religious fakers in that day and in this as well because they preach No One Is Perfect while on the earth in his flesh. But here was the Son of God as our high priest in the flesh manifesting the indwelling presence of the Living God in sinless Perfection and God's Righteousness in His flesh as our example which God and Jesus said is our image when God cleans us and lifts us from our repented sins. Oh you generation of Vipers who has revealed to you the wrath that is to come. In Job God calls these False Religious men whom come before God in prayer whom he despises SATAN, and reveals their wickedness toward anyone who dares approach God without their approval and through their fake understandings and dead doctrines but not intimacy with God in His grand scheme to lift you suddenly into Christ so you can have a face to.


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