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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 30 comment on 7/31/2023, 7:52pm...

YHWH is renewing the Sinai covenant with this new generation, laying down to them the law by which they are to live and how they are to worship and serve Him in the land they are about to enter that they will receive by His promise. This new generation cannot ride in on the vows made by their parents/grandparent. They will need to be instructed as their parents/grandparents were at Sinai and give assent to the covenant as their predecessors did. They cannot go into the promised land on what was vowed by others. They will need to make their own vows to YHWH at this crucial time,

In a sense, this mirrors our own conversions. We cannot become right with God based on our parents' conversion experiences. We each are to be individually called and drawn by the Holy Spirit, regenerated, and brought to faith by God in the same way as all who have been converted before us.

Also, we cannot piggy back of the faith of our parents in being in a right relationship with God. We are to make use of the faith availed to us by the Holy Spirit to believe of our own volition and commitment to Him. No one else can believe for us but ourselves. No one else can be converted for us.

I am glad that God works in and with us individually in coming to Him and sustaining us in our faith and life in Christ. It is a personal experience and journey that is done within the family of God, the body of Christ, but we must have a faith of our own and a relationship with our Lord personally as we are fitted into the body of Christ for eternity.


GiGi's Numbers Chapter 30 comment on 7/31/2023, 7:41pm...

In this chapter, instructions are given about keeping of vows, the obligation of a father or husband if a woman under their headship makes a vow, of widows and divorced woman who have no man to be subject to.

Each of these situations has different instructions, but it is consistently emphasized that a woman is under the authority of her father or husband when it comes to making and keeping vows. It is not explained why the vows of women differs that those of men, but it does mention that women are to be subject to the man who has headship over her. Men do not have such limits as the woman. Whereas a woman's vows can be either affirmed and binding should the man agree or simply not give any response over time; or the woman's vow can be voided if the man speaks up to do so, then the woman is not bound t fulfill her oath.

Men, widows, and divorced women are commanded to keep the vows and oaths they swear to and not go back on them.

God take such oaths/vows seriously. The text do not speak about what the vows/oaths pertain to, but perhaps it relates to:

-vows made to God to set aside oneself, one's property, member of one's household for the Lord's work

-vows made to God concerning an offering or tithe

-vows made in a marriage

-vows made in business''

-vows made between brethren

While we expect to make good on all He has sworn to do and fulfill what He has promised. we often may make an oath or vow halfheartedly, disingenuously, deceitfully, or without any intention of fulfilling it. These sins are serious to the Lord as they have to do with being trustworthy and/or faithful; honest and/or sincere; fair and/or just.

The Israelites vowed to YHWH at Sinai to live by the covenant God had offered to them. They soon broke their vow over and over again up to this point in Numbers. In this chapter, YHWH continues to reiterate what was involved in the covenant at Sinai to this generation's parents and grandparents. Now it is their turn to hear the covenant from GOD


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