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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 32 comment about verse 23 on 8/20/2023, 5:29pm...


So, if my understanding is correct, Gad and Reuben were not asking to inhabit land outside of what was promised to Abraham. If I am wrong in my understanding and the great river is the Jordan, then these tribes did not want to possess the land promised, but found the land adjacent to Canaan favorable for cattle. If this is the case, then it may seem like they made a decision similar to Lot, who chose land east of the Jordan river also which eventually brought much vexation to him due to the sinfulness of the inhabitants who worshipped idols and were sexually immoral. Will Gad and Reuben run into a similar vexation as Lot?

And it doesn't say when the half-tribe of Manasseh joined up with Gad and Reuben, but perhaps this was a given if all three were cattle ranchers.

I, for one, do not want to settle for less than what God has promised to those who of us who live by faith like Abraham. I don't want to stop short of receiving the fullness of deliverance and redemption from the kingdom of evil, the forgiveness of ALL my sins, and salvation from the wrath of God for my sin. I want to receive the "place" Jesus promised He was going to the Father to prepare us who follow Him. I want to receive the full inheritance as an adopted child of God. Therefore, I do not want to fall short in any way.

We shall see if these tribes actually made a decision that was based on the lead of God or by their own wisdom. Perhaps God intended this to be so that the eastern flank adjacent to Canaan was protected as a buffer from the strong nations in this eastern section or even farther eastward beyond the Euphrates. Maybe these tribes that raised cattle did need this expanse of land to have enough grazing land that was naturally replenished with forage for their cattle. Perhaps cattle need far more range for grazing than sheep or goats. Cattle on the west side of the Jordan would leave too little land for the remaining tribes to raise their crops and herds.


GiGi's Numbers Chapter 32 comment about verse 23 on 8/20/2023, 5:12pm...

In this chapter we find that the tribes of Reuben and Gad saw that land around where the Israelites were camped east of the Jordan River was excellent for raising cattle. They approached Moses to ask if it was possible for them to take possession of this newly conquered land as their inheritance. Moses was concerned about the effect of this decision on the whole of Israel as it seems that Gad and Reuben were willing to settle for less than the land in Canaan. Moses referred back to the time of the spies sent to assess the land of Canaan and how this bad report affected the faith of the people, causing them to disbelieve that the land promised would be best for them. This disbelief led to the nation wandering in the wilderness for forty years instead of entering the land at the time of the spying. The generation who came out of Egypt died in the wilderness being disinherited by God for their disbelief. The next generation is now on the brink of entering the promised land once again. Moses is concerned that the actions of Gad and Reuben will discourage the other tribes from entering and conquering the peoples in order to possess the land promised to Abraham.

Moses also is concerned that the members of the tribes of Gad and Reuben will not accompany the other tribes into Canaan and participate in warring against the inhabitants of Canaan to take the land for their brethren. The tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh promise to go into the land with the other tribes as warriors, but their wives, children and cattle will be secured in the land east of the Jordan in fenced cities that will keep their families safe. Moses agreed to this plan but warned these tribes how breaking their promise to fight with their brethren would be sinful and would bring judgment from God upon them.

I'm not sure, but I remember that Abraham was promised the land he saw in all directions including east to the great river, which was the Euphrates. I may be wrong on this.


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