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Best Essien's Joshua Chapter 6 comment about verse 7 on 3/08/2021, 8:31pm...

This particular verse means a lot... I seriously like it.


Winnie of GOD ALMIGHTY's Joshua Chapter 6 comment on 2/05/2021, 1:56am...

Everything was orchestrated by GOD - including the spies ending up in Rahab's home.

GOD is not predictable. If you were to guess who HE will preserve in the whole of Jericho, would you even remember Rahab?

And, if the family of Rahab had been told that it is the one that has been marked as the black sheep of the family that GOD will use to save them, wouldn't they have laughed the messenger to scorn?

GOD is not predictable. So, learn not to judge anything and anyone before their time.


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