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Psalms Chapter 115


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Gicheru Geoffrey Mwangi's Psalms Chapter 115 comment on 9/03/2020, 10:41am...

Amen.God is real and his name is Jehovah his only son Christ Jesus our/my saviour our lord,we are God's creation in his image and likeness men and women,with free will to design our future through fearing God and having the faith that He can change any situation to better one;however the situation is it ever possible with Jehovah's real servants,all the glory to Him only not to our selves;the one to avenge is God only don't avenge for yourself if you do He will get angry and discpline you and your generation together;get and be angry no problem but never let full day finish in your anger because if you allow that to happen you will act badly after;take the law in your hands and avenge for yourselves,to God Jehovah alone be the glory not to us oh God.


Ologhobo stephen's Psalms Chapter 115 comment on 9/01/2020, 1:07am...

GOD ALMIGHTY is a living GOD..

we should alway trust in him,every other god are dead.


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