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Psalms Chapter 115


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Ahna E's Psalms Chapter 115 comment on 12/05/2021, 11:40pm...

"Verily,Verily." (well said)


Rick's Psalms Chapter 115 comment on 11/14/2021, 12:44pm...

David The biggest problem with this country is self worship, people say in God we trust don't tell me show me. The citizens of this country believe because were Americans we're entitled to have our freedom our way. This country is one of the greatest examples of corrupt religious thought on display. Many say but don't do, churches have become political, famous so called christian personalities will show up and say vote for so and so and collect money for them to be elected, show me where that's scriptural. The leaders have bowed down to dope and greed and politics and LBQTZXY and whatever movement. Mark my words no other country will take us over the enemy is doing the same that he has always done in societies and in the church divide and take over. I've made up my mind I'll stand on my freedom in Christ Jesus.

I continue to pray for the nation which is not only contradicting constitutional law but also abusing. Remember biblically the love of money is the root of all evil, nothing has changed, in this country as long as I got mine I don't care.

The reason I know this is because too many other people have said those exact words to me. The other statement I get I have God my way good luck with that.


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