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Alex's John Chapter 17 comment about verse 5 on 6/25/2021, 8:27am...

This John 17 : 5 is telling us that Christ is gonna be Glorfied and he says his Glorfication is the very Glorification of God the Father . Glorify thou me with thine own self, Even with the Glory I had with you before the world was, Remember he died for the whole world. and the script. says the H.G. is the Glorfication of Christ simply b/c the H.G. was not yet given b/c that Christ was not yet Glorfied thus the multiplication of Christ is the multiplication of very God, Thats y he says to whom the word came ( his seed the living word ) it made them Gods . And that is y the scripture is saying the very Father swore by his very self when he made that PROMISE OF MULTIPLICATION OF Christ, when the sower of that Good Seed ( when the book is opened that is when the sower will go forth to sow his seed thus the H.G. will be given , thats y the woman is given Birth which is the H.G. A SPRITUAL CHILD, That which is born of the spirit is spirit as God is spirit thus he will Glorfy/Multiply the Father ,as the H.G. is the Glorfication of God the FATHER. His prayer was Glorify thou me with thine own self etc and the womans child is another Father a baby God ,to whom the Word came it made them Gods . Thats ye he was praying GLORIFY me that I might Glorify you . See his multiplication VIA HIS SEED is the multiplication of VERY GOD IN US. Unless ya receive the Kingdom of God as a little Child this implies a heavenly birth of Christ in US. The Father said i have Gloried it and i will Glory it again, there has been an intermission of 2 k yrs. 2 DAYS. It was glorIfied a bit at Pentecost but they ran outta of that 1 st wine the H.G. wine and we will receive that 2 nd wine on the 3 rd day the day of the marriage .At the wedding they received the best Wine the 3 rd day., Ya remember the wedding CHIEF said You have kept the best Wine for last. As Paul said when that which is perfect is come that which is done in part will be done away with.


Sande Robert's John Chapter 17 comment about verse 3 on 4/23/2021, 3:45am...


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