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Delon's 2 Kings Chapter 2 comment on 12/24/2020, 2:27am...

Is the covid19 vacines the Mark of the beast. The DNA swab confirms a cold or flu virus & this it is a money maker costing the poor victim their lives @ a price of $3200. The vaccine containing the DNA of wolves, monkey parts & embryo, is not this forbidden blood & flesh or do we honor Jesus words in My 23 to obey authority? What is the Mark of the beast. Is it the all knowing tree of good & evil our service men have been subjected to (AI or Artificial Intelligence), Remote viewing & out of body experiences that will soon cause us to want to commit suicide yet not be able to die? These DNA changed using canavorus to eliminate the elderly populous & make big pharma richer? Is this not the Mark of the Beast, or I'd it the sin within us that will bring the beast to desire devouring our flesh? When the Harvest of Ingathering

comes, will this not be God's Wrath?


Bryan's 2 Kings Chapter 2 comment on 5/23/2020, 5:08am...

This whole chapter is a message: Elijah has been replaced by Elisha. Elisha's ministry is to bring salvation and then judgement. Just as Elijah's ministry foretells John the Baptist's ministry, his successor, Elisha, foreshadows John the Baptist's successor, Jesus.


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