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Bill's Deuteronomy Chapter 33 comment on 12/27/2020, 6:13pm...

I read in Jude Enoch prophetically said that the lord comes with ten thousands of his saints , sure sounds like the same saints verses 14,15 ,16 amazing the word of God is


Steve's Deuteronomy Chapter 33 comment on 12/27/2020, 8:59am...

Deuteronomy 33v3

These saints also called people , existing before Moses time , also there is a reference to this in Ecclesiasticus ch 45 v 1,2,3

Theses saints origin ?

It could also be what God Meant when he said "let us make man in our image . "

We know God is Spirit , but if these saints where with God before the creation of the World , and there is nothing saying they where not . But they where before Moses time .

Enoch is said to be an example of repentance to all generations and was translated, read in Ecclesiasticus 44 v 16


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