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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 49 comment on 7/15/2022, 12:28pm...


You completely missed my point. Sunday worship was already being practiced by Christians for 3 centuries before Constantine codified it, meaning sanctioned by the Roman government with protections for those who observed it.


Theresa A.Wood's Genesis Chapter 49 comment on 7/15/2022, 6:30am...

Just my point!

Constantine's, Order of a Cival Decree, NOT, GOD's COMMAND!

Contantine was not, GOD!

Constantine Changed the DAY of WORSHIP!

NOT GOD, AS GOD says, He Sacntified the SABBATH and IT the SABBATH was HOLY!

We are to kept all the COMMANDMENTS, if we LOVE GOD! GOD does they changing in us. When we come to Him, as the ones He


Jesus, commanded us to LOVE one another, but he also Reminded us of the COMMANDMENTS!

Again, His WORD is on so Many LEVELS!

We start out as babes, and we grow in HIS WORD, long as we stay in it and we talk to HIM and listen to HIM, as Abraham did!


Theresa A. Wood


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