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Philip Kornev's Genesis Chapter 3 comment on 1/20/2022, 5:55pm...

Very interesting but sad.


Dr. Lyle Lee's Genesis Chapter 3 comment on 1/15/2022, 8:38pm...

I would like to comment on Versus 14-19 God cursed Satan with all fallen angels, with seven curses, all of these are metaphorical. He is cursed below the cattle and beast of the field, meaning they will end up in a better state then he would end up in, because they had a body to fulfil their desires. In curse 3 he would go on his belly, the word belly means spirit, therefore God took away the angelic bodies of all fallen angels from that point until today, knowing that they seek embodiment from others. In curse four, the serpent is cursed to eat dust, this curse is about mankind who was created from the dust of the earth, Satan and all fallen angels feed off of our sins, as this becomes food for him. Curse five, there would be war between him and the woman, meaning the church of Jesus Christ, curse six war would be between her seed, meaning the Lord Jesus Christ and the children of the devil. In curse seven, Satan would destroy the body of Christ on Calvary, but in doing this, the Lord Jesus would destroy his head.

The five curses of Eve were then given, all of these are literal, the woman's sorrow and conception would be multiplied in sorrow, The third curse is about woman bearing children in pain, the fourth curse is about woman's desire to her husband, meaning she will fight him to rule over him, the fifth curse is that the man will rule over the woman.

In the seven curses of Adam, six of them are metaphorical and the last one is literal, in curse one, God cursed his ground, meaning his spirit, soul and body became mortal. In curse two, mankind would eat from the cursed ground, meaning his meditation would be carnal and he would do the evil from his own thoughts, as eating means obedience. In curse three, Adam's ground would produce thorns, the Lord Jesus in Matthew 13 interprets this as the cares and riches of the world. In curse four, Adam's ground would produce thistles, the Apostle Paul interprets this in Hebrews 6 as religion. Please write me for more


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