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TanyaRachel's Genesis Chapter 3 comment on 11/28/2022, 11:46pm...

Yes. Earth is flat and not moving, NASA are liars and work for Satan. The Firmament is above us and above it is water. There is no space at all, we are not circling the sun but the sun is circling us (Joshua 10:12). There are many many scriptures that show what the Earth really is. Even the Hebrew word for sky, "Shamayim", mean "Water is there".


GiGi's Genesis Chapter 3 comment on 11/28/2022, 3:57pm...

Hello Marcell,

I read recently that scientist have found large amounts of water are located across the universe. But outer space is not all water. There is "air" space between planets, solar systems, etc. These spaces do not contain air like in our immediate atmosphere, but they contain photons of light waves.

There is movement due to gravity and also collisions such as asteroids bumping together, there is magnetism and gravity, solar winds. there is "space dust and "star nurseries". I also read that the universe is stretching out (expanding in dimensional space) so this means that objects and collections of objects are moving farther apart.

There are exploding stars (novas and super novas) black holes that transmit an immense amount of energy, quasars, comets, and so much more in space.

And there are billions of stars, planets, and galaxies.

God has a purpose for all of these things. In eternity we will know so much more and be awestruck even more than we are at this time.


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