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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 6 comment on 2/05/2022, 3:50pm...

Thanks Bro Dan. My other one finally would not even turn on. So I have been trying to use my older I phone which has really small keys and screen. Was frustrating. So, had my birthday last weekend, and got a new laptop. WooHoo!

Being retired and still need to rest my aching back throughout the day. I bought a new laptop a little over a year ago and it has been so helpful as I have to pass time in my recliner so much. I was able to participate on this site and to search many topics of many sites to increase my knowledge of God's Word and work throughout history. Been quite fruitful for me. So, not being online much this past month or so has been a bummer. But I am thankful we were able to buy a new laptop.

I am filling journals with my findings and thoughts. That way, I can reference these when I wish to respond to someone's post here or speak with someone I know when we visit. i don't go out much because of covid and only meet with a few friends and family members. God has kept me well from viruses since March of 2020, which helps me control my asthma without exacerbations.

I am glad to see you back on the forum. There are a handful of folks we haven't heard from for a few weeks. You were one of them that I was wondering about. I have been praying for these posters and hope they come back to posting soon. I appreciate hearing their viewpoints and am helped by their contributions.

Be blessed today, Bro Dan.


Bro dan's Exodus Chapter 6 comment on 2/05/2022, 3:05pm...

Hi Sister Gigi,

Amen for the new laptop!

I enjoy your writings and responses here so much, way to go!


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