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Sacha's 2 Corinthians Chapter 4 comment about verse 4 on 5/26/2021, 3:00am...

Mishael ,i wholeheartedly agree with you ,i know that i belive some things that other people on here dont belive and i know that some people on here belive things that i dont ,ive thought long and hard about the different beliefs of different churches and i came to the same conclusion as you ,i musnt judge ,i ask myself : if i am in the wrong regarding a doctrine does that mean that God will totally reject me ? Does it mean that i will loose my salvation ? Does it mean that i dont have a relationship with God at all and im only fooling myself that i do ? If i am correct and everyone else is wrong does that mean that they are all not saved ? Does it mean that they dont have a relationship with God but they just think they do ,the answer to these questions is : God knows all of us ,intimately He knows who is His ,i dont and i dont have to ,oh some times i feel the need to say what i belive and dont belive but we all have the right to do that on here and we can and do help each other understand things ,ultimately we all come on here because we want to learn from and help each other learn and enjoy each others company ,thats got to be a good thing ,may God bless us all and bring us all even closer to Him in His Love and Truth and Righteousness .


Catholics and Virgin Mary's 2 Corinthians Chapter 4 comment about verse 4 on 5/25/2021, 6:47pm...

It's been a long time since I shared this.

I prayed much about the Catholic Church. It always hurt me to hear Christians say: all Catholics are going to hell.

I sought Jesus! He said to me direct and clear.

*DO NOT JUDGE. I say Yes Sir!

He said their Church has fulfilled a Prophesy. "ALL generations will call Jesus's mother, Mary,


I sit and ponder that a long long time. It's true. The only time of the year that Mary gets any recognition (by Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, and 7 pages of phone book ads)

happens at Christmas time. Brave Churches dare to put up manger scenes and have Bethlehem Programs the little kids can participate in. Some people put manger scenes on their lawn!

I hate what Christmas has become. Lights Competitions, nothing but lights everywhere. It's gaudy and I just turn the channel on tv. YouTube Premium actually has hundreds of Christian movies.

I would like to see a little teen-aged, engaged woman who was prophesied to be the mother of Jesus (her bloodline was chosen; as was Joseph's)

get some credit for her faith and trust in God. It almost feels like Jesus was the only one who wanted his human mother get some credit. That's my take on it. I know lots of people will disagree and dispute. I almost fell down when the Holy Spirit said, Don't Judge. It felt like a sonic boom.

Love you all, Mishael


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