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Leviticus Chapter 3


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Fred Scanlan's Leviticus Chapter 3 comment on 10/04/2022, 3:53pm...

I was entering the grocery store the other day, and noticed a man who was wearing a very small suit. He was wearing big sunglasses. I turned to him and said that he looked the weather man on t.v.. His reply was that he was his son!

I immediately for one instant thought this person was an angel. I immediately thought of Christ! When He had said that he was the weatherman's Son, everything came into perspective, that Jesus is living among us! That Jesus is the weatherman's son, that He lives and dwells among us in everyday life!


GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 3 comment on 10/03/2022, 10:53pm...

Leviticus Chapter 3


The fat is considered the best part, especially the tail of the sheep (it is a delicacy). God deserves the best of our abundance and what we have had an increase of. We should willingly want to bring Him the best of what we are able to offer. But more importantly, Jesus is the ultimate Best that God could offer for us. There is no one more valuable that Jesus and His sacrifice is beyond any else that could be considered a full payment for our sinfulness. He is the absolute pure and spotless One Who alone is worthy to not only be the One who secured our salvation, but also worthy of all glory, honor, and praise from all created beings.

And, for us, it is the most worthwhile thing for us to have peace with God and be able to enter into fellowship with Him without any encumbrances or obstacles. Jesus is our Peace who has broken down every wall.

In meals that were common (and not this specific peace offering) the Israelites could eat of this fat. But for this sacred ordinance, they could not. Even so, there is unseen fat within all flesh we eat. We may just not be able to detect it. So, allegorically, God has hidden some of the riches of His grace within us that will be revealed to us in the abundance of life we have in the Spirit and in our daily walk. We are being changed from glory to glory into the image of Jesus. Such a beautiful thought.


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