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Richard H Priday's 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1 comment on 8/11/2022, 6:53am...

This chapter gets into the trials and tribulations of the saints (v. 4); and the subsequent judgment of God in verse 6. One can't help but wonder how great the accumulated sins from the dawn of the church age until now is; and how it factors into wrath once it finally transpires.

(see Rev. 18:5).

Verses 7 through 10 make it clear that indeed the return of Christ; destruction of enemies (in Armageddon and judgment in hell); as well as our promotion ruling and reigning on earth in the Millennial period (verse 10) factors in. There are 3 passages that state every knee shall bow and every tongue confess (Isaiah 45:23; Philippians 2:10 and Romans 14:11).

We are not to seek vengeance (Romans 12:19). However; we are doing God no favors by attempting to dampen down a character attribute that He has; in this case rewarding His saints and punishing the wicked. Perhaps those who being persecuted are the best examples of those who understand the need for Divine justice. The saints under the throne in Revelation certainly aren't scolded for asking "how long" (Rev. 6:9); with response in verses 10-11. With Paul and the churches under heavy persecution at this time this was a necessary statement; and the frequent reminder to endure until the end. In order to warn others of the wrath to come; we certainly must believe in eternal judgment and a literal hell.

If we think people simply cease to exist (or are annihilated) it dumbs down the message and doesn't help anyone to have full conviction of sin (John 16:8-11).


Mark Valesano's 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1 comment on 5/08/2022, 5:56am...

In regards to James Davis' query on the city of our Father in OT. The only description provided can be found in Ezekial and mainly deals with the new Temple that will be there. The actual description of the city (New Jerusalem) can be found in Revelation.


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