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Chris's Joel Chapter 3 comment on 2/18/2023, 4:37am...

Apparently, in the Old English era (approx 7th Century AD till the 12th Century), the word used for 'vat' was 'fat' (also spelled 'faet', with the a and e conjoined). Then in the Middle English era (from the 12th Century till the 16th Century), it was changed to 'vat', but it seems that the KJV translators (in the 1600s) preferred to use the Old English (maybe they were in a transitional period where other spellings were interchangeable & accepted, or if those from a certain part of England still maintained the old spelling, thereby using the old spelling). In any case, even in the later KJV printings, that word was not updated (though my 1978 edition shows 'vats'), which is very interesting.


Benny R. Olsen's Joel Chapter 3 comment on 2/16/2023, 8:28am...

I have looked at the spelling you provided about letters changing over time to other letters.

In Joel 2:24 and 3:13 where it says "your fats will overflow with wine and oil". Seems it should

be "vats" not "fats". I did not see in spelling anything about the f changing to a v or vice versa.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.


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