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Chris's Joel Chapter 3 comment on 11/19/2020, 5:22pm...

How do you arrive at this conclusion, Jimmy? If the 'Jerusalem Jews' are not the real Jews, nor for that matter, those Jews that are living in other parts of Israel & the world, then how can we deduce that the 'negros in America' are the true ones, given that Jacob, along with his ancestors & descendants, were not of African heritage? If anything, one would have to submit to the mixing of the races, removing the purity of many of the Jewish people.


Jimmy's Joel Chapter 3 comment on 11/19/2020, 3:17pm...

It is time for the truth to come. God is talking about the family of Jacob when he speaks about his people.

remember God change Jacob's name to Israel. The people in Jerusalem are not the real Jew. The people he

speaks of being scather is Negros in America.


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