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Eric Lopez's 2 Kings Chapter 23 comment on 4/14/2021, 5:05am...

These kings are sounding like a broken record. And he did evil...reigned for so and so years.

Why would the King of Egypt replace King Jehoahaz for his other brother Eliakim if they both did evil? Maybe next chapter will explain.


Chris's 2 Kings Chapter 23 comment on 2/07/2021, 4:33am...

2 Kings 23:1 doesn't have that phrase in there - maybe you're thinking of verses 4 & 5. If so, the 'host of heaven' meant the sun, moon, planets & stars that Judah began worshipping. They had gone away from the Lord & behaved as the heathen around them did, worshipping in the groves & burning incense to Baal.


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