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Jesse's James Chapter 1 comment on 4/01/2021, 9:53am...


I would like to share with you my understanding of James 1:22. James gives us the explanation in James 1:23 of who a doer is. The person who is a hearer only, hears the law, he has the law convict him and prove to him that he is a sinner, but he goes away and forgets what kind of man he is.

The person who is the doer of the word is the person who continues in the word. That is, the word has shown him his sinfulness, and his need for Christ, and he doesn't forget that. He pursues!

So a doer of the word in my understanding doesn't mean that I take my bible and go out and do it, which is a major teaching in the western world because we are "works" oriented.

But in context, he's talking about the Jewish person who hears the law and says amen, and then he walks out and forgets what kind of person he is.

In principle it would also apply to the Gentiles, to go and hear the word, understand what it says, see my part in it, hear what God has to say to me, and then leave and just forget the whole thing and not continue in it. We are to continue in it, pray about it, and continue to read it over, asking God to work it out!


Diannq's James Chapter 1 comment on 4/01/2021, 6:57am...

I have heard James 1:22 often and kept it in my heart. Be he does of the word and not heaters only. We can hear a verse all our lives and never really know the true meaning until one day God gives us a ha ha moment. To think how that happens! I missed the real meaning...Be he doers of the word is the part I wasn't getting. So what is the true meaning of "be he does of the word?" If we just hear and are never afflicted or challenged what is the profit? If we never take some spiritual morsel away what does it profit to just hear? One of my problems growing up is I was taught to be a hearer, to be quiet, to listen but never given direction on doing. I can promise me that I will never just be a hearer but will be a does of the word. Counsel, direction and constant study await those who look for spiritual guidance.


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