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Shaarei's James Chapter 1 comment on 12/18/2021, 6:44pm...

No mention at all in wesleys notes of the sundial,

And "ALL" is not written in THE WORD OF GOD !

Father of LIGHTS! The light that LIGHTETH every man...

This is not ALL LIGHTS.

interpretation in self is always selfish.

And there is no private interpretation.

Howbeit when He, The Spirit of Truth is come, He shall guide us into all truth, for He shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak, and He will show you things to come.

Truth be with you and bring you to His paths of righteousness , for His Glorious names sake, The a mighty and high name of CHRIST JESUS


Chris's James Chapter 1 comment on 12/17/2021, 8:41pm...

Hello Shaarei. You're referring to James 1:17 & also to Wesley's notes to it. Wesley does agree to, "Father of Lights". But in his explanation further, he states, 'Father of ALL light', which applies to "the material or spiritual, in the kingdom of grace & glory". I can accept that God's Light is so great & all-consuming, that nothing, whether of matter or spirit, can escape its reach & penetration.

"with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning". God can never change or can have anyone change Him; nor can He cast a shadow (as one's shadow would fall to a surface & move according to the sun's position), because God doesn't move from Who He is & what He does. That is my understanding & Wesley states, "In God is nothing of this kind", meaning, though He is Light & the Creator of all the light we see in the heavens, the effect of that light in the heavens that impacts our lives to some degree, has no impact on God, even if God should stand under its glow. I don't see that Wesley has said anything contradictory - given that no one person would fully agree with another on some of these interpretations & the thoughts & expressions also affect what we read.


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