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2 Samuel Chapter 23


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Sammi's 2 Samuel Chapter 23 comment on 1/19/2023, 1:59pm...

I hope that you will continue to read your Bible and this site and ask us any questions that you might have , your grandmother sounds like a wise one and she was trying to set you on the right path .


Sonja West's 2 Samuel Chapter 23 comment on 1/18/2023, 7:03am...

Have been reading your bible that reads each chapter I find interesting and very useful. My grandmother who passed before the turn of the centry read the bible everyday when I was young and I have fond memories setting with her and talking about our lord the father. I am 68 years old soon to be 69 years old on April 3rd of this year and I have downloaded your app on my computer and cellphone and reading your bible I think of her and what she taught me. We had long talks and I miss her so and tears of memories tell me not to let her down reading about our heavenly father. Thank you for a chance to rekindle her memories of days long passed with her and pray I will be with her in paradise.

Once again thank you, Sonja West


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