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Dianne's Psalms Chapter 6 comment on 11/11/2020, 8:17am...

I want to study God word with audio daily


Chris's Psalms Chapter 6 comment on 6/01/2020, 9:19pm...

Psalm 5 is David's prayer to God, as one who stands in awe of God (v 7) & trusts Him for his protection (v 11). Unlike those who won't bend their knee to Him & all they do is wickedness which is abhorrent to God. Remembering, David suffered much from the plans & acts of wicked men against him.

So vv 5 & 6, is David's affirmation about the wicked people's stand before God as compared to those who are righteous. These wicked people are characterized by foolishness (Heb. word is 'holelim' = madmen). They foolishly oppose & fight against God but in that day of Judgement they will not be able to stand (= be acquitted) before God. In the same way, all who speak leasing (an old word meaning, lies or falsehood) shall receive the same fate from God as would those who shed blood & are deceptive in their talk. So these verses describe God's hatred to all manner of sin, whether being deceitful & liars, to those who are quick to shed blood.

So Ruby, if you need, in your meeting, to also give an application to these verses, then you could emphasize the Holy character of God, that He sees all people & their wicked hearts, that nothing escapes Him. We may think that a 'small sin', such as a white lie or being deceitful about something is no great matter, but before God, every sin is abominable & deserving of punishment. The only way to avoid God's anger is to come in fear (awe) of God, humble, cast upon His Mercies & repent sincerely of our past actions. And He does forgive us because of His Son's death on the Cross for us, as Jesus was made the propitiation for our sins (1 Jn 4:10, i.e. God's Anger which was against us was put on His Son, so Jesus carried to the Cross, not only our sin but God's Anger as well), & God was satisfied by it & so accepts even the worst sinner into His Family.


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