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Jhon doe's Romans Chapter 7 comment about verse 19 on 3/20/2021, 2:01pm...

I liked the part about the 19 dollar fortnite card


Chris's Romans Chapter 7 comment on 1/30/2021, 2:58pm...

I do agree that God's forgiveness shown to us goes beyond human comprehension, but I fail to see how God forgives when a 'Christian' spurns His Love & Grace afforded him, by living a life of sin - even in the matter before us, on divorce & re-marriage. I even suggested that such a person needs to have a good look at his 'Christian' life & testimony & discern whether he's been living a life of deception to himself & others all the while. When that 'Christian' finally comes to the place of real contrition for his sins (in humility & brokenness), yes, there is a place of repentance, though much damage has been done to several parties which can't be undone & he will have to live with it.

And I suppose "the one thing that a person can commit that cannot be forgiven even by God" would ultimately be a full rejection of His Love shown through the giving of Himself through His Son. But this opportunity is open till one's last breath, though some mistakenly believe that they take that chance & do so successfully.


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