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Alex N's Romans Chapter 7 comment on 3/28/2022, 5:29am...

Dr. Lyle Lee Gbu your post is so interesting....Lemme give ya my take on the law a type of Uriah a husband to Bathsheba but Bathsheba was barren under Uriah just as Israel was barrren under the law...At Horeb Moses married Israel to the law just as Uriah was married to Bathsheba...The early Church was married to the law but she had a relationship with Christ Jesus which resulted in a Child called Christianity...Thats y Romans 7 : 4 is saying you are dead to the law ( Uriah ) by the body of Christ that you should be married to another even him that was raised from the dead Christ Jesus...Bathsheba was dead to Uriah by the body of David. Bathsheba was bathin and David was on his roof top when he took Bathsheba ,Jesus had already ascended when he took the church who was bathin in H.G.. baptism...But she had a husband which was the law.

.....Thus Bathsheba was an adultress as long as Uriah was alive...verse 3 if a woman who is married have another man she shall be called an aduleress but if her husband dies she is no more an adulteress...But the 1st Child was sick which was Christianity and died in its infancy...Bathsheba had to travail Again to get the Child of Promise which was Solomon a type of the H.G. The Comforter that is Gonna make OUR BODIES HIS TEMPLE... Thats y Jesus said a greater then Solomon is here...Thus the H.G. IS GONNA BUILD A GREATER TEMPLE THEN SOLOMON Gal 4 : 19 My lil Children of whom i travail in birth AGAIN .The Church will have to travail again to get the 2 nd Child the H.G. THE Child of PROMISE...She brought forth aman Child that is gonna RULE ALL NATIONS...Which is the H.G that CHILD OF Promise..Thats y Romans 7 : 4 is saying you are dead to the law by the body of Christ that you will bemarried to another even Christ Jesus...Just as Bathsheba was dead to Uriah by the body of David, We are dead to the law by the body of Christ thus we will marry Christ...The 1st Child died but the 2 nd Child is the Child of Promise the H.G. Emanuel GBU LYLE.


Dr. Lyle Lee's Romans Chapter 7 comment on 3/27/2022, 8:34pm...

Law; we are told in verses 1-4 that the law is the Ten Commandments written in stone, this law binds a marriage until the partner dies, then in verse 4 ew are told we have become dead to the law, meaning the Ten Commandments in stone. Now in :6 we are delivered from the Ten Commandments in stone, and this law has died, again in :4 we are dead to the law, but in :6 the law is now dead. The Apostle Paul states the reason is for the Christian to obey the Ten Commandments in the heart, he calls this serving in the spirit. Notice, our human spirit obeys the Ten Commandments written in the heart, and this is called serving God. Yet we cannot serve God from the Ten Commandments written in stone, why not someone may ask, the reason is that we have died to that law, and that law has also died to us. Then in :7 he specifies the law we are delivered from in :6 and the law that is now dead in :6 is the law in :7 that teaches THOU SHALT NOT COVET.


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