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Rob's Matthew Chapter 18 comment on 10/12/2020, 7:03am...

I once attempted to take an offending member of a church to the elders , the offender did not acknowledge before two elders , so 1 elder tried to fix the problem there and it never really was resolved, but the leading elder felt it was taken care of and would not allow it to go before the church .

I could have been more persistent in getting it resolved , but I then learned that this church was not functioning as a church should . Some men rule , not the Holy Spirit . This was long ago .


Rob's Matthew Chapter 18 comment on 10/12/2020, 6:47am...

Great question , if a brother sins against another brother by offense maybe a word or action . They need to be told of it by the offended one . If the offender will not listen then it should go before the church if he still refuses to except his responsibility before the church , then then 2 in agreement being what is needed for a true witness by God have authority to bind what ever they seem fit to bind . They have the mind of the Lord and are led by the Holy Spirit .

The problem today is trying to find a functioning church that's not got sin in it . And even two saints together led by the Holy Spirit . Really not so commonly found these days . Not just anyone can do this .

If the offending brother makes amends with the offended , those binding can release it .


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