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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 37 comment on 11/02/2022, 5:01am...

Psalm 37 seems to be a general overview of many of the preceding Psalms; although once again it should be emphasized that the chronology is not in order but the verse about the righteous never being foresaken (v. 25) shows it is likely written after many others.

There are many examples found in other Psalms. For example; we see in verse 13 about God laughing at the wicked; which is mentioned in Psalm 2. Another example found in Psalm 10 is in verse 17 about the arms of the wicked which are broken. We also find verses elsewhere in scripture; including the N.T. One such case in verse 11 is quoted by Jesus in the Gospels in Matthew 5:5.

We even see elements of predestination in verses 23 to 24. Ephesians 2:10 talks of good works before the foundation of the world prepared for us to perform. Verse 24 gives us the concept of "Perseverance of the Saints" also echoed in Proverbs 24:16. There is the concept largely covered in Psalm 119 about having the law of God in their hearts (v. 31) Verse 34 could be a Millennial reference; exhorting us to wait on the Lord; such a theme of patience is found in numerous other passages along with promises of the Saints (as well as David) to rule when the Kingdom of God comes to earth. (Jeremiah 30:9; etal).

The main idea here seems to be the eternal destinies of the righteous and the wicked and the brevity of this life. Passages such as in verse 28 are not popular today. As an individual; we should not seek vengeance on anyone in particular; but we should understand that the suffering of the church at large in the world where persecution is much greater than in this country; for example needs to be recompensed through Divine justice. We all are saved from wrath and being enemies of God and therefore we need to be humble in preaching the Gospel but also deliver the whole truth; including eternal judgment for the damned who will not repent.


Fredrick odiwuor abuor's Psalms Chapter 37 comment about verse 2 on 10/03/2022, 9:37am...

Give ear O LORD unto my prayers and attend to the voice of my supplications


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