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GiGi's Psalms Chapter 37 comment on 4/14/2022, 11:32am...

"Resist the devil and He will flee from you" James 4:7

Dear Acbertha, I suggest disassociating with this person who is asking you to join this group.

We are told to "avoid even the appearance of evil". (can't find the verse)

So, it may be best to speak firmly to this person that you will not join him in this group because you are a Christian and belong to Jesus, not the devil, as this group follows the evil one.


Acbertha Mulenga's Psalms Chapter 37 comment on 4/14/2022, 10:12am...

What do I do. I want to wait until my God ge is refuge and my shield. He is also my comforter in times of need. What do I say to the man standing before me asking me to be initiated into illuminati.

Go you know that I have put all my trust in you for protection, healing, to be my judge lawyer and also to be my provider.

Today I vote seeking your face even in this situation. I know that when you come into this situation all the serpents shall be defeated. I call upon the name Jedus Christ my lord and saviour and plead that he intercedes in this situation.

I pray all this through Jesus's Christ who strengthens me. AMEN


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