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Chris's Revelation Chapter 22 comment on 1/15/2022, 3:35am...

Hello Gerry. That's an excellent question, that even some commentators fumble over. I think that the best way to look at that passage (Revelation 22:14,15) is to also weigh in Revelation 22:10,11.

In vv 10,11, we see the Lord speaking to John to leave this great Prophecy open as the time is at hand. Those that reject Christ & continue in their wickedness will continue - those who that are sanctified, stay true to the Lord.

Then in vv 14,15, we read that John himself speaks (in-between Jesus' Words to him), confirming the blessed position of those who obey the Lord as opposed to those who are rejected for their many sins (those who are in the Lake of Fire & would never make it to that City). So, it may be that Apostle John is simply making a statement of those who have a right to the Tree of Life & those who will not be found anywhere there; and not necessarily, as it appears in our reading, that there might be evil even in this new creation of God, where sin, death, & hell are in that fiery lake. I realize that this explanation may not be received well, but if sinners were running loose at that time, it would make the other Scriptures that speak of this time & this City, erroneous.


Gerry's Revelation Chapter 22 comment on 1/14/2022, 12:25pm...

Rev 14-15 who are those not allowed in the new city when all sinners were cast into hell?


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