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Jesse's Revelation Chapter 22 comment on 6/13/2022, 9:05am...


I just want to comment on the word mansion used in John 14:2 and let you know that this word mansion is not what we would normally think of when we hear the word mansion. If you want clarification on what it means, I can provide.

As for your questions, I will refrain from answering as Suze has graciously stated that she will provide you an in-depth scriptural response. I look forward to reading!


Suze's Revelation Chapter 22 comment on 6/13/2022, 2:43am...

Dear Laura , that's a big question , it requires a lot of scriptural back up which I intend to do for you but not this minute , we shall be kings and priests in the Kingdom of God on earth , we shall be like him ( Jesus) it's going to be awesome ! Sometime over the next few days in going to try to answer your question more fully , please be patient with me , much love in Christ .


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