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Pawan Upadhyay's Revelation Chapter 22 comment on 10/06/2021, 12:23am...

God the Father, God the Son Holy Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit are one. Holy Trinity is one. Jesus Christ said "I and Father are one. " Jesus Christ is a part of God.


Messenger's Revelation Chapter 22 comment on 9/22/2021, 9:43am...

replying to a comment by "Karen Newman"

The wild beast here at revelation 13 is identifying two beast. (is a Man's number #666...1 John 5:19)

It speaks like a dragon (Satan the Devil is liken to a dragon Revelation 12:7-12.

The Devil and his demons tells lies.-Genesis 3-John 8:44;Matthew 4:1-11.

but believes and shudders-mark 1:23-26;James 2:19 )

Satan Gives this wild beast power, a seat (throne), great authority on the earth. this beast is fatally wounded, mortal wounds (Wars/Billions slaughtered).it speaks great things and blasphemies. (speaks against God, blaspheme his name. (Through the centuries bible translations has taken out God's name. "not this king James". those who translated the bible were not ordinary men but "religious leaders"-Psalm 83:18)

This wild beast was permitted to wage war with the holy ones and conquer them.

( Example:70 C.E Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. Hitler Germany concentration camp

slaughter holy ones from 1933 to 1945 etc. Religious leaders supported him and walked with Hitler holding up arms with him) has authority over every tribe, and people, and tongue,

and nation.

This wild beat descends out of the earth;

tells others to make an image. (what images can you think of?)

Those who refuse to worship this image to the wild beast is killed.

who are mislead by this man (#666 mark/more then one man) influenced by Satan the devil?

and who is mislead to worship and bow to this image?

All people (Follows the wild beast or with admiration, worships it)

1. The rich

2. The poor

3. The free

4. The slaves

This wild beast (This Man, a PERSON, He/This mark 666 has authority.

any man who had or has this mark) buys and sells

(Luke 4:6 This Wild beast is very rich from those worshiping and admiring him)

Hope this helps


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