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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 17 comment on 10/08/2022, 9:40am...

We are reminded here in the first few verses of several verses; first the one in Hebrews 7:25-26 of the Spirit "ever interceding" for us. I am also thinking of James 1:5 of seeking wisdom; and verses such as Isaiah 26:9 and many others on seeking God at all times.

Verse 4 and 5 are also similar to Psalm 119:105 on God being a "lamp unto our feet."

Verses 6 through 14 could once again involve Christ prophetically or David himself as to enemies being justly recompensed. Verse 13 has a brief impreccatory word for "casting down" the wicked. We can look at Psalm 103:16 and no doubt many others on wealth being left to others of the wicked. (see also Jeremiah 5:28; Psalm 22:21).

The last verse about awaking and beholding His face in righteousness as well as having His likeness no doubt has allusions to the Resurrection and our eternal glorified state.

It may be well here with these repeated themes to consider how we should have as David did a "perfect hatred" for the wicked. (Psalm 139:22). Such can only be with one filled with the Holy Spirit (as our own wickedness would make us judge others in the flesh with an unrighteous standard and also would condemn ourselves with such hypocricy). It is for jealousy of the God of Israel alone and His exalted state as the only Creator and Sovereign Lord that should lead us to a disdain of the world; the flesh and the Devil. It should also compel us to be preachers of righteousness for His Name's sake; knowing that God is a God of wrath as well as mercy; but that it is in this lifetime that we must be Born Again.


Donna G.Warren's Psalms Chapter 17 comment on 6/01/2022, 12:28pm...

Kilts were worn since medieval times not just modern times in Scotland & Ireland . .Each clan had its own tartan colors to tell the difference between clans . Back in the day women wore long skirts or dresses ,in modern times they wear shorter skirts & dresses long skirts & dresses are for more formal occasions . Just speaking from my cultural history . Girls are permitted nowadays to wearing pants to school ,etc It wasn't permitted back when I was in school to wear pants to school except in cold weather @ first & then finally whenever. The past 15-20 years wearing shorts. I am glad to see the fad of baggy ,saggy pants showing undies seems to have past. I think this verse is speaking to modest dress & appearance . For women particularly wearing immodest attire can attract attention one doesn't want .


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