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Jack Gutknecht's Psalms Chapter 17 comment on 1/19/2021, 5:25am...

1 Lord, hear the right, regard my cry,

My prayer from lips sincere;

Send Thy approval from on high,

My righteousness make clear.

Thou in the night my heart hast tried,

Nor found it turned from Thee aside.

2 With steadfast courage I design

No wrong to speak or do;

Thy path of life I choose for mine

And walk with purpose true.

For help, O God, I cry to Thee,

Assured that Thou wilt answer me.

3 O Thou that ever savest those

Whose trust on Thee is stayed,

Preserving them from all their foes

By Thy almighty aid,

Let me Thy loving-kindness see,

Thy wondrous mercy, full and free.

4 O guard me well as one doth guard

The apple of the eye;

While deadly foes are pressing hard,

To Thee, to Thee I cry.

Do Thou my rest and refuge be,

O let Thy wings o'er shadow me.

5 My enemy, grown strong in pride,

Would take my life away,

A lion lurking by my side,

Most greedy for his prey.

Confront and cast him down, O Lord,

From evil save me by Thy sword.

6 Defend me from the men of pride,

Whose portion is below,

Who, with life's treasures satisfied,

No better portion know;

They, with earth's joys and wealth content,

Must leave them all when life is spent.

7 When I in righteousness at last

Thy glorious face shall see,

When all the weary night is past,

And I awake with Thee

To view the glories that abide,

Then, then I shall be satisfied.


Mishael's Psalms Chapter 17 comment on 6/18/2020, 8:14pm...

I agree with you for God to heal your thyroid problems. It's important to get a MRI of them every year to compare with the last one you had.

Fear not. Give thanks to the Lord for He cares for you.


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