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Fredscanlan's Matthew Chapter 4 comment on 2/11/2023, 4:27pm...


We have lost a Sunday school teacher in our church to tragic accident. Remember that there is no death unto those who believe that Jesus is and has conquer death! These are hard things to believe while we live in this world, we must grow through them, we will become stronger in our faith. Do not allow appearance of loss , to darken what will become ours. Eternal life with Jesus!

They are with the Jesus! Rejoice we shall all live eternally with Him where there is no more sin or death!


U4YAH's Matthew Chapter 4 comment on 2/11/2023, 2:46pm...

Note: this software did not show an "O" with the long O symbol on it as I made examples of Jo, Joel, Job, Joshua, etc... it only shows the letter J alone with the long O being deleted. Which made my post kinda confusing.


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