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Rick's Matthew Chapter 4 comment on 12/23/2021, 2:23pm...

Jesse Good to hear from you as always and have a merry and a happy, God Bless.


Jesse's Matthew Chapter 4 comment on 12/23/2021, 10:23am...


According to John Chapter 1, John was already baptizing people down at the Jordan River and preaching the coming of Messiah before Jesus came on the scene. John would have entered his ministry shortly before Jesus. Jesus' ministry began shortly after John's. Both began their ministries at the age of 30. According to Jewish law, a person could not go into the ministry until they reached that age.

So John introduces Jesus as the Messiah. John did not know that Jesus was the Messiah even though they were relatives. They probably did not know each other even though they were relatives because John's parents were elderly, and once they died, John was taken care of by the Essenes, a very Pharisaical group that lived out in the wilderness. John lived out in the wilderness his whole life.


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