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B A's Deuteronomy Chapter 26 comment about verse 5 on 12/21/2020, 2:56pm...

There is Syrian, as in:

Syro-Lebanese and Syro-Aramaic.

If you find the dormant volcanoes, the former shore lines along the hill and mountain sides, you will see the land mass has changed from when Noah's Ark arrived and struck land and from when Abram aka Abraham was born.

That is why there was a king Tidal of nations. Tide or tidal are related to the ocean and sea tides.

You may not have thought when Jacob or Abraham "went down" that they did not enter into a hole in the ground. They went to a safer place than where the volcanic eruptions and vents were causing famines. Yet, in the Moses' era, the volcanic activity affected Egypt and left the land Jacob's children and other were to live in alone, except for some few local hot spots in the group of volcanoes. Besides the people who dwelled the land and the land itself changing. God had the people with Moses and Nun's son, Joshua safely passing through the SAFEST PARTS of the land.

Anyone who was listening to Moses and Joshua, obeying the directions could have been spared from the natural disasters.


Alex's Deuteronomy Chapter 26 comment about verse 5 on 4/01/2020, 7:32am...

If Jacob was a syrian so was Issac and Abraham and Terah They were uncircumcised but Abraham received the Promise and became the father of the circumcision and the uncircumcision Jew and Gentile a like. Thus th new covenant comes on the Gentiles thru Abraham the father of the circumcision and the uncircumcision th Gentiles.Thats y Jesus spoke of Naaman the syrian a leper being healed b/f any of the Jews.God always had the Gentiles in mind. Solomon made intercession for the Gentiles approx a 1000 yrs b/f Christ when he didicated his new temple. All of Christ disciples were Jews but they ALL had to be bornagain.Jesus only refers to the H.G. as the Promise not any human.Only a New Creature.GBU


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